March 6, 2010


Rain beginning today. 2010.

Himself: Swam, saled, job hunted, dinner and a meeting.

Herself: Wrote, saled, wrote more, can’t find a meeting at the same time of G’s, finished the Willis. Coughed just a bit. Took the pills wrong.

Reading: Nothing. That Willis book was well crafted and the characters were so well drawn that I was afraid for them. Well done.

Gratitude: Crock pots, reading, G. Always G.

  • Crock Pots: I’ve been collecting crock pot cook books, but if one recipe out of a book is a failure, will all the rest be failures? Yesterday’s roast pork with a cranberry mustard glaze was so vastly over done that the word dry doesn’t even touch it. I’ll shred what’s left and make burritos out of it tomorrow. Now I am wary and disappointed in the book as a whole.

  • Mirrors: Oh, the downstairs bathroom was going to be sleek and modern. Smooth. Dramatic. Perhaps black and white like the one at the big house had been. The best laid plans of the G’s was done in by fate. We found flooring at the Restore, and yesterday we found a mirror. Neither are modern at all.

    See all the pictures on the Geeezer’s page. From sleek and modern to homey and Dianne Powers version of Mexico, that’s where we have gone. The design has now changed to terra cotta floor, breathless orange walls, accents of white fixtures with green, turquoise, and gold insets into a corner cupboard. What a tiny space to wham, zap, and pow you with such strong colors. Why not? The corner cupboard will match the wood on the mirror…..with trim on top matching the scroll work on the mirror. The mirror will be over the toilet with a shelf under it….light wood and wrought iron brackets. Another similar shelf will be over the sink….the design tying the two together. Ah, the best laid plans. All we have to buy is a sink and paint.

  • Estate Sales 1: We stopped by two yesterday. One was in a condo built about the same time as ours. What this condo missed on the side to side width, it gained on the length. To give it two bedrooms and larger spaces for the rooms themselves, each floor was a room. It was six stories tall. It wasn’t really functional for anyone over seventy and had been owned by a younger woman.

  • Estate Sales 2:The second sale was held by the middle aged lady. Her house had been foreclosed, and she and her cat were homeless and selling everything with the help of friends. Not everything was out, the owner bringing things out into the living room by the handfuls, and they had decided not to have a pro do the sale for 35%. They didn’t know what they were doing, and it was very sad. The house it’s self was very interesting. From the front it looked boring 1970’s, instead inside there were bits of 1950’s open plan/half walls, and wonderful floor to ceiling window views of a canyon.

  • More estate sales 3: Today there is one here near the house, and another out by SDSU of an art teacher. Yesterday at the thrift store, a husband brought in his wife’s whole cookbook collection. She had a stroke, and he no longer trusts her to use anything but the microwave. He even brought in all her clippings. Loose. All of us women in the back room marveled why we did this….we all clip recipes from magazines and newspapers. Both these sales today will have more cookbooks and clippings. Do I need all these new to me cookbooks? I didn’t bring one cookbook home from yesterdays hours at the store. (Tho there were two Lauren pants in my size and one Coldwater Creek white shirt.) Perhaps I am now going to these sales just to find the ocassional piece of art….the little item that will make my own house more.

  • All this medical stuff reminded me that I needed to update my medical records here in the computer. I needed to make sure my allergy lists were updated, and I needed to add the meds that worked and note those that no longer do. What I found was a truncated 2010 list tailored to not overwhelm the doctor’s and nurses. I had to go back several years into the past to find the info I needed to get my lists current. At least I still had my old meds lists. No Biaxin. Yes on Azithromycin tho it has been overused. They do like notes like that. They don’t want you to say, “Hey I don’t remember why it doesn’t work anymore but it’s on the list.” Duh.

  • Prayers: Please include Alice in your prayers. She’s just been diagnosed with Lymphoma. Jay’s stage 4 breast cancer has spread, and she is with hospice now. Oh joy, both K’s and MB’s lung cancers seem to be in remission. Jeannine sleeps her days away. My friends wear out, yet I am so glad to have them in my life. I’ve found that friends make life.

  • What makes your life special?


  1. Well, I would be remiss not to note that bloggers like you make my life special. So sorry about your friends. This makes for a tough road. Going now to look at G's pictures.

  2. My blogging friends are also dear to me.

    Sounds like your estate sale adventure was a success. After the weather breaks there will be a porch sale at my place. The trick is deciding what I want to part with!

  3. I am sad for the friends with cancer and the homeless lady with her cat. I am not sure what makes my life special, isn't that awful I should know. Perhaps that is a good topic for a post soon.


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