March 16, 2010

Meeting Myself

Duck and G discuss G’s new camera. 2008.

Himself: Put up with me again. Held my hand with the computer stuff. Swam, applied for jobs, made his own calls, took me out to Brian’s for a hamburger.

Herself: Swam, was stubborn, meeting, Grumpy ran rough coming home, worked on chapbook, dinner.

Reading: Three pages a day.

Gratitude: G, my sense of humor,

It was a day of interesting experiences. I started the day by calling a happy lady I met at the Sunday meeting. I feel a need to talk to someone about Ba. She is still, no matter the amount of work I have done and am doing on this issue, too near the surface and taking up too much room in my brain.

As usual, when folks stir up the apple sauce, I dig my heels in to make apple butter. Nope, I won’t give up my AA online meetings and go to meetings here every day. Yes, I very reluctantly will call her every day and also read 3 pages every day. I came to the conclusion that it will be good socialization for me.

Then I went to my morning meeting and was given a reading to apply to Ba by my friend M. Progress. Even if I can’t remember it, I can stick it in my wallet and read it to myself whenever I need it to clear my brain out.

The rest of my day was chapbook focused. I printed the covers…embarrassingly bland covers but showing pictures of Duck from youth to death. Next, I went through the finished “Ducky Tail” pages to copy and pasted them into the order they would be printed and made up a “dummy.” A “dummy” is a page by page layout of the finished project. Next I printed out the these pages and taped them together into a finished chapbook. G lent me a thumb drive, and he showed me how to drag and drop to the drive. Now I have a folder with the cover, dummy, thumb drive ready to go to FedEx Office…I miss Kinko’s.


  1. I am so dumb about computers. Will we be able to see something of this book on line?

  2. You are making tremendous progress. Not sure if Ba is from a live meeting or online? Are you going to mentor?

  3. You have been working hard!!! Congrats!!!! Will we get to see your chapbook?

  4. You are a busy lady.

    Do you have online AA meetings and AA meetings you attend in person?

    How does mentoring work. What are the responsibilities and goals of a mentor?

  5. I obviously need to write about this which I will do when I get back. :)

  6. i used to go to a certain copy shop in the east village run by two dear fellows who were both priests who had left the order. They were so warm and wonderful, I loved visiting, saying hello. They were smart, witty, funny, caring, and just the best neighbors.
    I'm afraid they went the way of ye olde copy shoppes in general...


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