March 20, 2010

A Mini Adventure

Above: Carnival Paradise next to the Queen Mary….a box next to a work of Art. Below: Just to let you know. 2010.

We drove up amid marvelous green rolling hills, almost empty freeways, and a beautiful but tired ship to greet us in Long Beach. We ate lunch, wandered the halls and corners photographing everything, then we changed and headed to Studio City.

Unexpectedly charming. There was a nice little viable downtown to greet us, unfortunately pay as you go parking which we found out about before we got a ticket, a good deli, and an enthusiastic gallery. What more could one want. Friends and buyers trickled in and built to a crowd. G and Michael got a slideshow working in the front window, and we took pictures. Hundreds.

I elected to photograph the opening without flash. Because of this, the images are grainy. They are also often out of focus as I didn’t wait for the camera to auto focus. I was nosy, in your face with my lens, and not only did I catch Michael schmoosing his heart out, I recorded all sorts of opinions. “But Bee, these aren’t you at all,” one lady said over and over again.

Did I say that I love opinions especially of a successful show.


  1. Isn't it nice to take pictures and not worry about developing and printing costs? I love it.

  2. What a great time y'all had!!!!!

  3. If that one photo of the art is any example, it was a marvelous show. I love art that I can understand. Most (not all) contemporary art leaves me confused. (What does one wear to an art show?0

  4. Did the same thing last week at my mother-in-law's 70th. On top of grainy, the photos were also dark. Took a lot of work with Photoshop to get things looking romantic rather than just plan bad. Hope you have equal success with your photos.


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