March 27, 2010

Saturday Lighter

Working equipment on the bow of the Queen Mary looking toward the stern. 2010.

Himself: Switched to the truck, drove north and picked up the corner cupboard, donuts and took Georgette to work, he helped No with his job searching, came home to a cancellation from Dr. Jay for dinner, ate Col Sanders by the bay in the sunshine feeling guilty but enjoying every single bite.

Herself: Cupboard, donuts, cancer society, computer time, dinner cancelled, dinner by the bay instead, and books to read till bed time….oh heaven.

Reading: Finished skimming the latest Aunt Dimity and went back to Craig Claiborne’s struggles.

Gratitude: After a month, finally assigned to someone at the Spring Round Up so we can do a few hours of volunteer work, the sunny day, the delight of old and new books to read.

  • Books: Is this worth reading, shall I bother with this, have these characters improved, even if he/she are famous shall I at least skim it? Best of all, what old book shall I read since I have read everything else? Life moves on, and despite myself, I still have to have a book at hand to read. I’ve started looking for some old friends on and ABE Books. Cadell’s middle years were especially good writing years for this author….about ten years of really rich writing. The first couple of Aunt Dimity books were excellent Cinderella romance type things with a dash or two of the supernatural. Now our heroine is a sneak and liar. She hasn’t improved in this latest volume either. I’m not going to bother reading her in the future and have gotten rid of all but the first of the books. Claiborne is ok reading once one gets by the severely abusive childhood and growing up gay stages. His cooking tips are marvelous, so I keep on reading.

  • Music: The Geeeeezer likes driving to music. Just because the ringing in my ears masks the music and makes the drummer sound like a man on hyper static drugs doesn’t mean he should stop listening to his music. So he turns it back on, I crank it up, he turns it down. Repeat. We laugh.

  • Friends: Dr. Jay, “I can’t have you to dinner because the living room is a disaster. I can’t believe this happened because I just had a crowd to watch the Oscars….tho they never got beyond the living room.” “Call your sponsor,” I retort. “He’s dead,” replies Dr. Jay. “How about Dr. Smith,” I offer. “He has nothing constructive to say, neither does my doctor or internist.” It appears he falls through the social services gap, and tho he sleeps his days and nights away, he gets no assistance from any agency. He doesn’t want to hear things like the words “Nursing Home.” We all know he needs to be in a nursing home, but he is unwilling to give up his fragile autonomy, his cat, and his life. All his friends understand, but enough is enough.

  • Stuff: I still bring things home from the thrift stores and estate sales, but I seem to be getting vastly better at moving things out as other stuff comes in. Clothes: have I worn it at all this winter? Can I get in it? Is this cookbook readable? Do I need this kitchen utensil? Will I ever use this….that’s the most important question I ask as we head out to one more morning of shopping. Yesterday I had a visceral longing for a nice bundt pan I didn’t need. Did I buy it? No. Progress while I laugh at myself.


  1. Sounds like a good day!!!! I was up all night with a sick computer!!!

  2. Not easy to scale down, but simplifying my life will feel really good when it's all accomplished! I work a little towards it each morning now and the progress is beginning to show. (Hi I'm back not quite in THE groove but I'm figuring out a new groove that feels good for the moment. I thought I'd never get here but happy I finally did. You and I should trade books to read and then trade back what we think we can't live without.) HUGS (they're beginning to come easier and feeling more natural, from me.

  3. Keep up your good work cleaning out.

    I'm a basket nut for all my knitting projects. Bob accuses me of buying baskets at Goodwill, donating them back to Goodwill, and then purchasing them a second time. The sad thing is he may be right.

  4. Finally understood what estate sales are! We don't have anything like that here. Wonder why? Those estates where I've know are going to be desolved are divided up between family and friends. They were all pretty small apartments, so maybe that wasn't so difficult.


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