March 28, 2010

Sunday...Even Lighter

A glimpse of hand hammered aluminiumn and beautifully maintained burl in the main lobby on board the Queen Mary. 2010.

  • I’m clearly aware that few read me or leave notes when I write “Lite” entries, but sometimes my life arrives in bites…..perhaps I should call these entries, “Lite Bytes.” Actually, there are days when life is lighter than even bullets can portray. That’s ok tho. Perhaps I should call those snatch and grab days?

  • The Geezer made my coffee this morning with a well rounded scoop of his fresh ground, not burned coffee combined with a level scoop of my chickoried coffee. Frankly, it was one of the best cups of coffee I’ve ever had.

  • I actually got my closet cleaned enough so the clothes hang loosely and the sweaters aren’t jammed in their little cubby holes. Purses were gone through….and gosh, there was my cancer society store badge. Purses were packed with newspaper too. They will still have some semblance of shape when next I use them. Next I started on my dresser…..mold found in a far off tiny drawer. The Geezer said he’d kill it for me. Hurrah, Geezer. That’s two Geezer Goodies in one day.

  • Email arrived from the lady in charge of welcomes at the convention. A familiar name….the same one I found to talk with about Ba. She’s asked us to Greet the first day before the ice cream social. I’d wanted to go to a dance sometime in the four days, and they appear free tho at our bedtime. Meetings and social things are free. The food things are not free. Neither are the runs, the walks, the fishing, the golf, or any of the extras. We have never done a local convention before so it all looks fun.

  • We were to meet Ellie, Guy, and to our surprise, Beth at a nine o’clock estate sale. Nope, her mom wasn’t well and they had to do that first. But we met them at the second estate sale. And the third. Great art stuff at that third sale, but Tired Beth on her first day of Spring Break should have stayed in bed. Her mom and dad didn’t find anything to suit them either tho they were looking for a dog friendly sofa and kitchen things for their new camper. We normally don’t go that far inland to estate sales any more. No longer in the business, why waste gas and energy on things we don’t need. But it was nice to see family for a little while.

  • I bought a bread box. I have to confess this. It’s a charming blue and white ceramic piece…..that I didn’t need. Found a jewelry box for Marion B too. We called, we described, she approved, and we bought. Japanese lacquer…stunning in its array of drawers and pulls and openings. She loved it when she saw it, and we sat talking as the sunshine faded into sparkling city lights in the blackness.

  • We did a Feasters Greek dinner… was a fun gathering, but it was sad with two of the Feasters absent. Lee, recovering from his bladder cancer surgery, and Dr. P absent because of an infection. We are further cut down with Terry’s death last year. My job today is to call Lee. I’m such a failure with the phone these days.

  • Off into the sunshine now. Spring gold light instead of winter grey. The trees around the house are leafing in at last with wonderful, tender new greens. The streets are quiet. Perhaps I can cajole The Geezer into taking me out for brunch. Oh, the heaven of all those unneeded calories.

Here still supple bulkhead leathers are combined with woods with nickle silver hand rails at the main lobby stairs. Queen Mary, 2010.


  1. I am loving the photos of the Queen Mary!!!!

    Good for the Geezer!!!!

    I'm glad you're getting organized -- I am trying (unsuccessfully) to do so, too. I need to clean out my closet.

    I am amazed at the abundunce of estate sales in your area. I wish there were more here although when the weather is good, we have lots of garage and yard sales. I'm making a list of things that will be in my porch sale in May.

  2. Sounds like you've had some good experiences lately. That's what makes life good.

    I'll be back working on my closet later this evening or in the morning. You never know what you'll find in a stored purse. It feels so good to have an organized closet.

    Next week I'll be revisiting my family history work. That usually stirs up a lot of paper.

    Tell the Geezer he's a good boy. The world needs more Geezers.

  3. The pictures of the Queen Mary are stunning. I love those textures and soothing lines.

    I cleaned my big closet the other day, and I am still enjoying it every time I open it.


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