March 17, 2010

Waving at you....

At the Queen Mary. We will be flitting here or there with our camera’s in hand. Waving at you too. 2003.

I packed a little here and a little there as we moved on through our days. Since a belt was found at Ross that actually fits and is exactly what I wanted, life is perfectly in balance. To make it even better, after working on Ba most of the afternoon, we ran away from home for a picnic on Shelter Island. The sun was out, the birds were stunning pushing up against the blue of the sky, and just for the moment all was perfection.


If you want us, we are diligently documenting the Queen Mary, and having a ball dancing deck to deck. Dinner at Jerry’s Deli in the valley, and later you can find us smooseing with the LA art world folks at Bee’s opening.

We are waving at you. Smiling too.


  1. mmM! thanks for bringing me along!

  2. Smiling with you. Happy to think of you on a picnic.

  3. Genial brief and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you as your information.

  4. Hi Mage,

    We were having a discussion about ships the other evening and we began talking about aircraft carriers. Someone mentioned the Ronald Reagan being in San Diego. Someone else said the ship was NOT in SD.

    I said that I knew someone who could give us the real story..YOU!

    So, Mage, it's up to you. Where is the USS RONALD REAGAN???




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