April 23, 2010

Ah, Meatloaf

Still Spring here. This time we have a snapdragons backing an exquisite rose, 2010.

National Poetry Month: Did you know that there were vampire poems.

Himself: Didn’t feel well, napped, took antihistamine and felt better. Helped make dinner.

Herself: Read and they laughed before they shredded it. More and more I find myself forgetting words. Very frightening stuff. Ate dinner, and we stayed up late watching “Project Runway” where Seth Aaron won. I was cheering for the elegant designs by Mila.

Reading: Nothing at the moment. Imagine that.

Gratitude: G, friends, laughter.

I should have taken pictures. I took the camera down when I went to start dinner, but I got energized to cook and not an image was recorded.

We’d stopped at the grocery store with a slim list in hand. I the optimist thinking I could make a meatloaf last three plus days. He the tired man….allergies, a bug, something in the Vietnamese food from the previous night…leaving him lumpish. He drove a block to the store.

I researched before we left the house. One was a potato recipe from the old Farm Journal Country Cookbook. The other a Texas Meatloaf that he had liked before from the “Great Ground Beef Recipes from Family Circle” paperback cook book. 1966. Gee, did hippies cook fancy hamburger stuffs in 1966? I must have.

“Two pounds of ground beef,” I said bossily treating him like a sou chef. We had the onion, the bread, and the salad makings. “We need two potatoes too.”

He bought giant, humongous, bigger than life potatoes.

“In the last isle, there’s green olives with pimentos and chili sauce”.

“Lead on,” he said waving me onwards.

So time found him creating one cup of soft bread crumbs while I mashed one egg, half that big minced onion, 1/2 cup of chili sauce, 1/2 teaspoon of dry mustard, one heaping tablespoon of brown sugar, and two teaspoons of ‘Wooster’ Sauce into those two pounds of ground meat. Then to liven things up….for isn’t BBQ sauce often a little warm, I added all the leftover minced green onions and a soupcon of medium salsa.

The rest of the chili sauce glazed the top, and bacon strips added extra unneeded salt and fat and nurturing.

Lovely potatoes with a sour cream and minced olive sauce.

Oh, he made a wonderful sou chef tho he wanted his bacon crisper.


  1. Great domestic scene! The last line is poetry don't you think? Or maybe philosophy, or even spirituality. Definitely life. A poem beginning for sure.

  2. Nothing like mashed potatoes with comfort food. Sounds delish! I stowed a Marie Calender frozen meatloaf dinner in the freezer to pop int he microwave when the craving for meat hits. (It usually does a few days after a chemo session!) Not as good as homemade, but I can't expect a vegetarian to cook something like that for me, can I.

  3. It is fun to look at old recipes tucked away and try to remember if we liked them or not...or even if we ever used them. Meatloaf was never gourmet for me, instead it was always a way to use leftovers hidden in ground meat. I like your way better.

  4. You all leave me smiling. :)


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