April 30, 2010


The Geezer aboard the Queen Mary. March 19. 2010.

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Himself: Swam. Looked just perfect for this last interview. Took me to the doctor’s office.

Herself: Dozed, docs, and home to doze some more.

Reading: Randall’s “Too Many Magicians.”

The Geezer writes in his latest entry, “The Good...........I survived my hour and twenty minute interview today. The Bad..............I did not walk out of there with a job. The Ugly.............I signed a "Non-Disclosure" agreement with my last employer to get the $5000.00 severance package.”

All of which came from a really good third interview where they even discussed money. But the company feels they must wait till July 1 before hiring him, and would he be willing to wait the two months. He said he would. Now it all boils down to: are they willing to wait two months until they can hire him. He is the perfect fit….they all agree. “A car guy,” one man called him, and he is.

Meanwhile, I was curled up with a book, curled up here, dozing there. All those joyous bits you do when invaded by a virus. The doc was kind but firm…I have to use my inhaler four times a day, and she gave me a breathing treatment there in the office. I was 98 before, I was 98 after using that little thing that goes on your finger, but she was pleased that I wheezed less after.

Now I have a saddened brain that there is no decision on G’s job, and I have a new antibiotic, more sprays, new cough pills, and a determination not to let this latest bug get me down.


  1. I had this kind of delay with my last job. Interviewed in early December, hiring would be end of January. Not much choice (I was 63 at the time). Of course, I waited. It all worked out very well; better than I could have possibly anticipated. G, I wish you the same outcome.

  2. I'm sending good thoughts for G and this job.

    I suspect you have to work at being a good patient. Try very, very hard to be compliant. Rest is a good thing when you're sick.

  3. Yes, G feels very positive, and I am resting. The pharmacist stressed getting enough rest.

  4. May all work out well. July isn't really that far away. My interview on Monday would be for a job that starts in August. All doable, as long as it does come about. The worse is not knowing whether anything come up in between. Get well, dear.

  5. Oh, Maggie, I do hope you feel better soon, and I hope G gets the job.

    You both deserve a bit of good luck.....

  6. I hope it all turns out good and your wheezes disappear. I really believe in mind over matter and am presently ignoring a painful hip. With difficulty:)


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