April 16, 2010

A Day by Halves

High above the Point, a contrail etches the sky, 2010.

Thank you all! G and I appreciate your encouraging words more than you know.

National Poetry Month: Here’s Gwendolyn Brooks “A Song in the Front Yard” that you might enjoy.

Himself: Swam. Job hunted, walked, ate, played games.

Herself: Swam, picked up G’anna, read 2 pieces while delighting in the ladies, read while he walked, ate, and read some more. It’s one of those books. Cut down the fake sweeteners.

Reading: The newest Harry Dresden.

Gratitude: Always G, Sunshine, and the ladies.

I need to go places with more verve. Panache and pizazz seem to be missing. Passion seems to be hidden. I almost have a grasp on reality when I doze off. That’s me, dozing in the sunshine, dozing on the computer, and dozing in the car.

Duck always took a nap. He’d undress, pull the covers back on his bed, and nap for an hour. When he got up, he would shower and be ready for the rest of the day. My grandma didn’t take a nap every day, but she always divided her day in half too. In the mornings, she would do work around the house always wearing a “housedress”….those amorphous cotton things that slipped over one’s head. In the afternoons, she was dressed to spend time with friends.

There were distinct halves to the days. Bouncing my chin off my chest after lunch does not constitute a dividing line.

I have no time to fall asleep with my face on my chest today. After an hour in the pool and a little time in the hot tub, I’m off to the Cancer Society Thrift Store for a few hours of sorting. Later we will drive north in the truck to Lessa’s house with a new used wardrobe for her and warm things for other recovering battered women. I confess that I haven’t peeked at the clothes Bee sent south for Lessa. Both Bee and Lessa are the same size now. I continue in my rotundity, darn it, but know that both of them used to be my size.


  1. I need to re-invent my life, too. I'm hoping that will happen.

    I donate my clothes to our women's shelter, too, as I am one of their alumnae. They are also in my will as a place to make a donation in my memory.

  2. Here is hoping that your tiredness is not health related. You sound busy enough.

  3. Little naps always revitalize me - and I like the idea of dividing my day! Right now it is still all work - and then fall exhausted into the bed. I hope the trip was wonderful.

  4. My life is pretty dull by somebody's standards but it suits me so I guess I won't worry about it.

  5. You are busy and doing important things for yourself and for others! I am contemplating retirement and wondering with great excitement about how it will be with so much free time. I am hoping for a fulfilling routine sprinkled with occasional splashes of glitter. Nothing wrong with naps as long as they don't last all day!


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