April 26, 2010

A Day Off/Interview/Plumbing News

Organ Pavilion, Balboa Park on a Saturday afternoon. 2010.

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Himself: He took the morning off. Plumbing wars in the afternoon. Meeting at night. Today: News of the next interview on Thursday at 1, and the plumbing for the half bath was done by 2 today.

Herself: Took the day off.

Reading: “Too Many Magicians,” Randall.

Gratitude: G, sunshine, folks in the program, peace and quiet.

I took the day off.

He didn’t, mind you. But I did. Here’s a poem I’m working on for the chap book.

Her Name was Mary Jane

I’m not ready for tubes and wires
all clamped together
draped like Christmas garlands
over your flaccid limbs

I’m not ready for suction sounds
as your teeth are brushed
your soul is brushed
your words are brushed away

I’m not ready to see your hair in gentle plaits
to see all wrinkles vanished
all years of struggle
wiped flat, clean, clear

I’m not ready for nurses asking
personal questions I cannot
where your daughter is for instance
never asking the more important things
like how long you have been sober
or what have you written

I’m not ready to find email from
the daughter who hates you
still talking of paperwork
instead of
coming home to pull the plugs
and garlands
to quiet your continual seizures
into forever.


  1. Dear Maggie, of course you are not ready. How confusing and tragic the whole experience must be. I do hope this poem is an exploration of a possible tragedy, but not a portrayal of anyone you know.

  2. Whew! THis is very disturbing, especially for those of us getting up there in age, and possibly seeing ourselves in such a situation. Hope that it is not autobiographical.
    Thanks for your note!

  3. This well written piece brings back some hard memories for me.

  4. Yeah, Mage, please tell us that's not autobiographical! Really potent stuff, it is.


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