April 22, 2010

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Snapdragon spring passion to jump start the day, 2010.

National Poetry Month: Here’s a list of American Poets from the 20th Century. Try one; you’ll like it.

Earth Day today!!!

Changes: cut in where suggested by the lady poets.

Himself: No swiim. We be wimps. Disappointed about the interview but still looking for jobs while beginning the bathroom.

Herself: It’s 45 degrees out there and raining. We are not swimming this morning. Finishing the new poem, hitting one estate sale on the way to class. Sad about G’s interview, but today is a new day.

Is not only where the heart lies
its where the hiccups are
mixed with too many dishes, pots, pans
old clothes and singing in the shower

sometimes all you can do is laugh.

Home is where heart attack macaroni and cheese
waits to add poundage along with meat loaf
and whipped cream clogged arteries
offering love mixed with memories.

I grow a size a month.

Home is where the peanuts roll across the floor
cat fur takes over the computer
and the oven is full of
baked on stuff, detritus, orts.

I’m inspired

to hire a housekeeper
and take my husband out to the movies
with popcorn and M&Ms calling it date night
at the local multiplex

here at home.


  1. I don't always understand poetry, but I like this one very much.

  2. Love the poem. I agree.

    The snapdragons are gosh awful gorgeous.

  3. I loved your poem,Maggie. It brought back many memories to me of "Date nights" at home.

    A box of cheese crackers and a 6 pack of Pepsi was all we needed to have a good evening.

    Also loved the use of the word "orts". Wonderful original writing....

  4. Oh, thank you all, and oh, dear Nancy, I wish I could run over to your blog and write you a note. I like this poem a lot too. At first, I thought it simplistic, but when the whole class laughed at the same time, I knew I had a winner. :)


What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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