April 28, 2010

National Poetry Month

It’s raining, it’s drizzling…..

National Poetry Month: April Poem of the Day Archive. Pick one. Don’t be the only person in your neighborhood not reading a poem.

Himself: Swam, and finished the dry wall on the bathroom. The tile cutter arrived. Dinner with friends and good conversation.

Herself: Swam. Edited a great number of scribbles, had a ceremony with MB for an old friend, and we all did dinner with new friends. My allergies are at their very worse, or I have the beginning of a killer cold. Coughing again.

Reading: Skimming.

Gratitude: MB and G and K with D. There, there all anonymouse to please the DM. :)

I’ve been having fun with National Poetry Month lately. Oh, I discovered this occasion mid-April, and guiltily I have been with it ever since. You say, you never noticed, you blew it off, you put off looking at my links until the day vanished. You were not alone.

Still I was dogged about this.

I believe in poetry. Since I scribble the darned stuff, perhaps I thought everyone should be reading more than just my jottings. So I started slow and gentle using links that I posted at the top of my side bar. The first was a mention of The National Museum of Health and Medicine which an online exhibit of some Walt Whitman items in their collection. Yes, I read some pretty esoteric pages here online.

Did you Stop and visit just a moment with Emily Dickinson, or did you take a peek at a poet who is larger than life: Maya Angelou? Oh, I forgot the links to Gwendolyn Brooks or EE Cummings. Perhaps I thought you could find these works by yourself. No?

After suggesting, “Try one, you’ll like it, I asked, “Did you know there were vampire poems? Neither did I. Perhaps too esoteric. In the last few days I’ve resorted to humor. And it’s a truism I offer today,

Don’t be the only one in your neighborhood without one.


  1. Being anonymous is always good on the Internet...makes your info more intriguing.

  2. i like your poetry. may it continue beyond april 31.


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