April 12, 2010

Warmed By Friends EDIT*

A delightful lunch with a writing friend and her husband. 2010.

EDIT*: The dentist finished the root canal, and the tooth didn't crack. Better still, G has a job interview tomorrow working with automotive software.

Himself: Survived being social twice. Survived me. Decided to take car to meeting as the number of people we are taking has grown.

Herself: Delighted in visiting friends. Her house is almost dust free, so I had not one bit of a runny nose. Good speaker who wasn’t “that” Clancy. Dentist today at noon.

Reading: Rereading McCaffrey’s “Dragonquest.”

Gratitude: Weather: Sunshine and warmth yesterday, wicked and dramatic winds at 2 in the morning, and pounding rain at 0430. Great stuff.

Friends. How delightful to grow into new ones.

For so long I, who always was a social butterfly, have felt isolated from my long and much loved friends. Many who are kindred spirits have moved north, and we rarely see them now. The truth is that email isn’t the same as living in the same town…I say thinking of my friend Kay, and Cee, and Susie, and DA, and Don....all north. .

We used to be able to just drop in here or there, or friends would drop in here or there. As we grow older, that doesn’t make it. Perhaps the first group are growing peaches at the moment, or the second friend is meditating. Call first….we do that now. It’s much more polite. Much more adult.

So we were invited to a sandwich. Real chicken. Potatoe chips sporting their fat and salt like joyous armor. They bought Diet Cokes just for us. Thoughtful kind, caring folks, who like many of the same things we do. I’m still smiling.

Then to Marion’s house. Call first. Though she wanted us, it was still call first to catch her watching the Padre’s lose. I took photos of her embroidery, and we chatted for a while in a sun warmed room. Later, confirming with an email, we picked up Dolly at her neighboring Jack’s and chatted to and from a meeting.

It was a friend warmed day through and through.


  1. What a lovely bitter sweet reminisce on friendship. And, what a fantastic looking house. Love the white and blue.

    We live in the middle of the city in an area most pass when going shopping downtown. Therefore, a lot of people just drop by unannounced and these are often the nicest of visits.

  2. Yes, we too suffer from isolation at times.

    I was badly burned in Texas by drop in visitors so since moving to Oregon I've intentionally not made friends that are close enough to just "drop by."

    Our home in Texas was open to all at all times and we needed a revolving door. I enjoyed it, except for one person.

    I miss chatting with neighbors.


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