May 13, 2010

...and more books!

On the entrance landing guests are greeted by ocean Liner and ship books with a soupcon of poetry and old journals. What a mess. Out of focus too. 2010.

Himself: Swam, thinking about old kitchen cupboards to line the sides of the garage….real wood ones….so Craigslist and Restore, but there was nothing. Then he spent too much money on Georgette’s feet.

Herself: Swam, books, Restore, Nordie’s Rack, home for dinner and a moment with a new book.

A blog you might like: At The Smitten Image you will be charmed and beguiled by Hilary’s view of the world.

Reading: “Sahara,” Michael Palin.

Gratitude: G, books, Nordies Rack.

I could have enjoyed work more, but I was greeted by so many books that I felt pressured to get them on the floor.

All the usual suspects. Acres of Patterson, Gross, King, Cobin, and Clark. Enough Nora Roberts in paperback, trade, and hardback to wallpaper a room. And repeat.

Bookclubs list their recommendations, and these are not Patterson, Patterson, and Evanovich. Only one of the recommended books surfaced yesterday, and I might go back to the store and pick it up today…. “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.” There were two slim volumes of poetry….one of which was stained and tired but I put it on a shelf anyway. And much to my surprise, there were enough “women’s” books to make up a whole shelf of them…..meditative, love, prayer, and caring type books.

Someone must have edited their library. That’s something I need to do she says picking another old favorite to reread.

Not the boat/ship/ocean liner books tho. When G moved this giant hulk of a bookcase out of the office, I immediately attacked it and moved my “ship” stuff into it. I started my enthusiasms with Walter Lord’s book on the Titanic in the 1960’s. This enthusiasm for ocean liners, passenger ships that make regularly scheduled trips on a line from point A to point B and back again…or around again, has expanded to all but the modern box ship. Those cruise ships aren’t ocean liners….she says.

So I can’t edit this tender collection, nor the cookbooks, but perhaps old Sci-Fi can be winnowed a bit….or maybe I can thin the mysteries a bit. I confess tho, it’s like parting from your children.


  1. I do believe you live in a house of books. Take away the walls and you'd still have your house. You must be wall to wall bookcases. Did G build them? I had a lot of bookcases in Texas but not here.

  2. The 'Potato Peel Society' book is the best In the beginning a little difficult because of the British culture and the introduction of various characters. You will like it.

  3. "Potato Peel" is a wonderful book. I didn't even know about the history of Guernsey. Even guys like it. I still say-you can't have too many books. But you have to love the ones that you have. Sounds as though you do.

  4. If you ever come across a little paperback called Oh Ye Jigs and Julips, be sure and grab it.

  5. If you ever find "The Climbing of Rum Doodle," grab it. It's a precursor to Monty Python's Flying Circus, or perhaps it inspired them. Funny as all-get-out, even the repetitiousness of it is funny. I first read it in the 1950s, when I was in high school, and it's full of the sort of sillyness that appeals to uninhibited teens.


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