May 12, 2010

Books, Books, Books

Science Fiction, architecture, the arts, and some of the scrapbooks. The sun fades all but the blues from the spines. 2010.

Himself: Walked, waited, helped clean. Hurrah.

Herself: Crown, cleaned back stairs, arranged for Mike to keep an eye on the front of the house while we are gone, let everyone know the dates we are going, cancelled mail….et al. But we still don’t quite know where we are going.

A blog you might like: The Wild Hare is hunting for a new cat companion while recording the construction of a tree house. She calls her blog “…stories of this handcrafted life.”

Reading: Nothing. I’m bereft.

Gratitude: The dentist. G. Sunshine…little May Grey this year.

Books. The shop has been overflowing with books. Last Friday, someone brought in ten boxes of books….all by good, new, popular authors. I found shelf space for nine of the ten boxes and felt heroic. By Saturday, when I just chanced to stop in with my own donation, I found that someone had donated another ten boxes of books. There was no room at the inn.

Not all books go out for sale. If it is tired, old, bent, stained or too used for its own good, Father Joe gets the book. Sometimes I hate to put a book in the Father Joe bins, but, as I am frequently reminded, we are supposed to be an upscale resale shop. So no coffee on the book covers please. No mayo on the title page.

We don’t get many collectibles. Once in a while we get a reprint, sometimes we get a first edition. Other times I just have to laugh. A 1950’s Better Homes and Garden’s decorating book has a tiny bit of value. The same volume from the 1970’s is just good for a laugh. Frankly my dear, Avocado and Harvest gold wore out their welcomes here years ago.

I always have hope though. I discovered “Miss Julia” in one of last week’s ten boxes, so just imagine what might appear in this week’s donations.


  1. Glad I do not participate in such a project. It would be a terrible...TERRIBLE... problem for me. I live above a basement, and Lord knows what would happen to the floors with all that book weight I would bring in.

  2. Is the picture of your books or the books where you work. Either way it's a lovely place.

    Have fun on your trip. Let us know when and where you are going.

  3. What? Harvest gold isn't in style anymore?! It's downstairs in the form of a formica top bar in the 1950's style full-wet-bar, and in the adjoining bathroom vanity. I'm crushed that it's passe! :)

    Are those books of yours organized by author? I'm trying to organize mine. Fiction is done, but I'm having trouble separating current political, social, etc from collections by famous and not-so-famous journalists and tv personalities. You'll find NO Sarah Palin on my shelves!

  4. Books! How could you ever have too many!

  5. I'd never leave this area! What beautifully arranged shelves - love the extra items on them, too. (I understand this to be a shop, am I right? Are books priced individually? Or hardbacks all the same, etc?


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