May 18, 2010

Cheering Lessa On

Lessa and the Geezer, May 2010.

Himself: Swam, took G’ette to meeting and went to Frye’s pricing Blue Ray stuff, drove north, dinner, shopping, cheered Lessa on.

Herself: Swam, meeting, wrote, cheered Lessa on….very déjà vu’ish as we have been to so many grandkid functions. We both universally decided not ever to return to Walmart again.

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Reading: Nada at the moment.

Gratitude: Lessa.

She could bring two people. She chose us.

This woman who’s been to jail, lived homeless and on the streets, who has been battered and a very alone alcoholic-addict, spent several hours yesterday being feted, honored, appreciated, and came away with a scholarship in hand. Her English teacher and a writer friend came to cheer her on. Very good stuff. You bet we are awfully proud of this daughter. Her Sister Lenora (Yeld2) is also. Very, very good stuff.

Lessa with one of her teachers in a very dark shot.

Lessa coming off stage with her scholarship in hand.

Georgette, Lessa, and a teacher after the awards.

Lessa and her English Teacher with her Ma.


  1. What a glorious triumph!!!!!

    God Bless all of you!!!!!

    And a bundle of hugs!!!!!

  2. Golly gee I can see that hugh grin on your face from here.

  3. This is the kind of stuff that warms the heart.

  4. Thank you all! It sure does warm the heart.

  5. Good for Lessa! All the very very best to you! Maggie, what is the scholarship for? A further degree? You must be so proud and rightly so. A good day.

  6. All the best to Lessa! It's the memories of those hard journeys that teach you the most and stay with you longest. She deserves all the accolades, and so do you.

  7. How Absolutely Wonderful! A great story, a great triumph! You made me smile and feel happy this morning, and I appreciate that and you and all!

  8. You must be very proud of Lessa. What a joyful day and what a joyous outfit she wearing


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