May 21, 2010

Friday Lite

Maggie and Madge after boarding the liner President Wilson, 1969.

Himself: Swam, got the laptop updated, a hoarders estate sale, dinner, and TV. Today he starts his day with blood work then schedules the colonoscopy when we get home.

Herself: Swam, read two ineffectual poems at K’s house…which is where I worked for ten plus years, saw J sleeping and blue, estate sale, dinner…kabobs over dirty rice.

A blog you might like: Take an online tour of the NS Savannah and see the ship how she is now and how she was. I still remember struggling up the side…in a short uniform skirt, and clearly remember the green of the bridge.

Gratitude: Lenora who is on her way to Costa Rica, and Lessa who is taking her math final today. G who has put up with me and spoiled me today.

  • I was fascinated by the news that the NS SAVANAH will be open for tours this coming weekend. I was mesmerized by the online tour of this first ambassador for nuclear ships that I once visited as a 21 year old. From a Liners Lister comes news via the SSUS group:

    “For anyone with no plans next Saturday the 22 of May you can go visit the N/S Savannah and take a tour of this beautiful ship in Baltimore from 10am to 3 pm. I went on board her last year and took a tour of this historical ship that the Maritime Administration is trying to find a home for her. I cannot make it this time around but wanted to let everyone know. Enjoy!!!!!!”

    NS Savannah Events

    Online tour of the ship,

    NS Savannah Online Tour

  • Packing….you know me, I have a list. G says he will pack Sunday night. I’d rather have a list. I have one page of three almost crossed off. I’m not going to need my passport this trip….thank you. Nor a fanny pack. Warm clothes tho. Though San Francisco weather seems to be at the 60 number during the day and 48ish at night, Santa Barbara and Cambria are warmer. You can hear the call of the G now….”Shorts, I must have shorts.”

  • I get to work at the Discovery Shop today. For me it is an awesome way to give back. In my family, only Grandma Maudie didn’t have cancer. Of my friends, I have lost too many to this disease. I try to live by example instead of pushing my opinions on others, but I am disappointed that my kids didn’t catch the volunteer bug. Maybe they will when their kids are grown. G volunteers. Then again, a car guy volunteering at an auto museum isn’t exactly volunteering, I would think it’s more like playing.

  • Sunny and warm today. After work, there seems to be three good estate sales. If you want me, you can find me in the cookbooks.


  1. Obviously a good day in store for you. Have fun.

  2. Obviously a good day in store for you. Have fun.

  3. Watching grandson play soccer. Otherwise I would drive up to Baltimore and tour.

  4. I had a dress nearly like that only mine was grey. It felt so sophisticated and was my first Pittsburgh new dress purchase. Have a great trip...(Btw, good for G for getting that colonoscopy done!)

  5. i just love the colors of old photos (especially Kodachrome). You are so groovy!


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