May 2, 2010

A Good Day

Look at all that glorious mustard flowing down the hillside in Rose Canyon. 2010.

Himself: "A good day."

Herself: Quiet. Heavily Photoshopped a shot or too, drove to the store and confirmed I shouldn’t really be behind the wheel…took up two parking places there and backed into the old bath counter when I got home. Made a very tasty veggie gratin tho.

Blogs to delight: Try 20th Century Woman and her Alaskan adventures. Some of them are even illustrated.

Reading: Randall Garrett mysteries.

Gratitude: Too many deserts. I’m grateful for the moment.

I feel so much better that I was able to actually belly laugh at something on TV. I was able to cheer on my favorite at the Derby….my, all those races were spectacular even in the rain.

I feel so much better that, after watching a commercial on TV, I told G that the TV-mom didn’t slice the sandwich she made for her kids. My mother always cut my sandwiches half and half again. Little squares. Buddy and Mike’s mom cut their sandwiches at an angle. So did Carolyn’s mom. I always wanted sandwiches cut at an angle. Obviously my brain hadn’t engaged yet.

I was quiet this morning. Perhaps that helped. Doggedly I plowed through all the sidebar links on my two other link-heavy blogs finding only one that wasn’t ok. I did find acres of familiar places, and it was like spending hours visiting with old friends. How nice to rediscover that I have this agile and interested mind.

Today I will keep taking it easy, keep taking my pills, and keep laughing at the absurd. I know from experience that laughter heals.

No Photoshop here only seven freeway lanes of 5 still with the glorious
mustard flowing down the cliffs.


  1. Continued rest and remaining quiet for a few more days will likely do wonders for you. Don't get out and about too soon. The world will go on if you die and it will go on if you are sick. Remember that and relax. Get well and your friends will welcome you back when you return.

  2. I had to laugh out loud about your two parking spaces! - Today I did my joyous "halle halle lou YAH!" dance to acknowlege that I pulled in BETWEEN the two white lines...and my small car was almost parallel to the lines - not the ususal diagonal! Not sure what has happened to my visual perception over the years - but it sure is nice when it works. Small lovely pleasure.

  3. I am sure that laughter helps loose weight as well! Your photos are so clean and beautiful skies.

  4. Geese, it doesn't help with grammar though!

  5. Good day, good news, good humour... you take care and let's hope you are well on your way to recovery.


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