May 3, 2010

It's Like Waiting for Godot

Shapes: Queen Mary lifeboat, 2010.

Himself: Ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Grouted the floor, hunted for jobs, played computer games, went to an organization meeting for the meeting pot-luck and birthday before the meeting…you can figure that out.

Herself: Read, organized, Both of us watched CBS Sunday Morning I miss Charles Kuralt but am getting comfortable with the new Charles. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and meeting. Vastly better tho still coughing.

Blogs of delight: I discovered A slower Pace because she found me first. She isn’t at all slower, I discover, she’s just better.

Reading: Still on that Randall Garrett volume.

Gratitude: G, friends, my computer.

“I hate change,” says Lessa.

Two of her caseworkers are being reassigned because of budget cuts. I feel for her as I am one of those who are fearful of changes.

“I hate change,” says Bee’s husband who’s a part of the latest big merger.

The unions are the same for both companies. That’ll help the changes. Everything’s seniority, and he’s at the top.

“I like change,” says Bee. Tomorrow she is changing to a new art advisor…..perhaps that’s a little like getting a new case worker. She’s looking forward to it.

“I like change too,” I respond. I just hate going through it to the other side.

We are still going through here. The job is still off the job boards, and we wait for the change to arrive. It’s just like "Waiting for Godot." Have you seen Becket’s play? We “hold the terrible silence at bay” with our chins up in public.


  1. I was never able to make it throught that play, but now that I am a big girl, perhaps I can.

  2. Thanks for the plug Maggie, that was nice of you and a nice surprise.

    I think patience is a big player in change. Sometimes it takes a lot of patience before change comes and that is very hard.

    I'm sending good thoughts again today for G and the job.

  3. Hang in there; don't lose hope.

  4. Most of us fear change because of the unknown..thus your not alone.
    Hoping things go well and you have your best year ever....

    Dorothy from grammology

  5. Thre are good changes and bad changes. Problem is, sometimes it is hard to know the difference. Losing a job may actually allow for a new position which is so much better. Hope that is the kind of change you will see: seems bad at first, but turns out well.

    Take care.

  6. Just want to repeat the exact words that ruthek said. All will be well.

  7. Been missing you too, was doing my prayerful thing for G and the job, hoping he would have it before I got back to type.

    My dear oldest cousin has been afflicted with cancer, caused, we believe, due to Agent Orange exposure when he was in Vietnam. He has been hospitalized and we almost lost him Tuesday night - they did emergency surgery to remove a ruptured spleen that had happened "oh, about two weeks ago" and no one knows why. Was it the malaria getting him after all these years, again from that time in Vietnam?

    I have been filled with black thoughts not worth blogging.

    But much has been good and life keeps rolling, and here I am, thinking of you daily, still.

    All goodness your way.


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