May 17, 2010

Monday Lite

Running board, May 2010.

Himself: Laundry, played computer games, Walmart for the Spray and Wash stick online said they had….OMG, and while we were there comparison shopped. Target, Von’s and Ralphs are cheaper. Meeting. Got some numbers. Compared ties.

Herself: Laundry, Walmart where I was ashamed to be tho they have swim suits for 14 bucks, amazed at the high prices, home mending, meeting.

A blog you might like: Here Musings amuses. She says she is a retired teacher who has moved home to Hawaii, but I’ve discovered a delightful world traveler with a wonderful family.

Reading: Cookbooks…..always.

Gratitude: G, the dentist, friends like D, and the ability to be grateful for taking the trash out.

  • I’m always amazed at the number of readers and noters I have over the weekend. It’s been sparse lately….what an interesting word that is. I’d like to know the etymology of that one…but I digress. Many of my OD friends and readers aren’t writing any more, and most of my 100-and-some Blogger readers don’t leave notes. I miss those long term OD folks, but I appreciate every friend I have on or off line.

  • The Model T wreck: It was really nothing. I went around the first corner just fine. The second one went fine too. By the time I found myself at the end of a block and needed to make a U turn, I was toodling along a little fast. I whipped that wheel around as I would have done with my old sports car and expected to turn in a half circle. Instead, that Model T made a quarter turn and aimed itself straight into the curb, sidewalk, and greensward. At the helm of this unfamiliar vehicle, I didn’t have the experience to be able to stop it in seconds. I had enough sense to slam both my feet into the three petals on the floor, and it stopped once it slammed itself over the curb onto the grass. No damage done but to me. Only half an hour later did I learn one of the bigwigs had the same experience in the same vehicle. This made me feel fractionally better. G keeps saying it was the vehicle.

  • Today we are excited to be going north. Somewhere between Lessa’s city and the coast, we will see Lessa receive an Honor’s award and scholarship. This is the woman that ten years ago had all her children adopted out or in foster care while she was living in the back of a car drinking and doing drugs. I cannot stress too strongly how proud of her we are…her mother says jumping up and down while cheering and creating huge whistles and her step father backs it all up with more cheers.


  1. Yippee to Lessa!!!!!!!!!! You have every right to be proud.

    I think it's just a slow time in the blogging world. I think the New England folks have headed outside while they can. Heat should drive the Southern folks in eventually.

    Have a good time.

  2. How proud you must be!

    Generally, people seem to have become less communicative on blog posts. Whether it is because we are not writing anything interesting enough or the phase of blog comments has been replaced by twitter or facebook, it's hard to say.

    That is why I am forever grateful for all your comments.

  3. Your daughter should be very proud of herself,too. I work with parents in her past situation all of the time. They either make the changes needed, or go farther down the self-destructive wonderful for you that she took the hard way.

    As I am just a newbie to blogging, I can't say too much on changes, but I do notice more and more sites require identity info and the letter identifiers in order to comment. I think that reduces the numbers of comments on those blogs-maybe that is the intent.
    Your comments are always welcome!

  4. Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! Give her a hearty hug from me and remind her it all flows one day at a time.


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