May 10, 2010


Letting it all hang out....Comptche trip, 2008.

Himself: Swim. Museum meeting. Laundry. Repair shop for Vacuum cleaner.

Herself:…and too, the Open Diary blog Day Tripper. Slow yesterday. Taking trash out for 500 folks got me moving last night. Today: Swim…slow, blog, laundry, research trains and California history. Menu planning, poem working, you know…the usual.

Reading: “Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind,” by Ann B. Ross. Marvelous characterizations. I wince at their accuracy.

Gratitude: Clancy for speaking.

The Geezer wants to take a road trip. I couldn’t get him on a train this time, and the cruise he was interested in already left. Taking our car plus cheapie motels should be far more economical than renting a motor home tho we are looking into that. So a road trip it will be.

There has to be a train trip we haven’t taken here in the west. I’ll find it as I cannot imagine a road trip without a train in it. Not dragging our friends along this time, for they don’t deserve to ride their local rails for the umteenth-millionth time, but I’m now on the lookout for new rail vistas.

Coastline. It’s cooler. Stop on the way up for breakfast with Bee, and lunch or dinner the next day with a blogger friend. Maybe even dinner with our Northern California rail fanatics the following day. I love fanatical friends. We will see what inspires us.


  1. I loved "Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind." I have more of the Miss Julia series to read but only read them occasionally when I feel the need for brain candy.

    Have fun planning your trip.

  2. Those trees are fabulous. Someday I have to go to see them.

  3. Hubby and I find the secret to good roadtrips is not planning too long a drive each day, stopping early and talking to the local folks about what's special about their town. Don't know if it's yours or G's cupatea, but doesn't route 66 start somewhere over there? I loved that one several years ago.


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