May 5, 2010

Powering Toward Orange

Half bath with only the details left to be added, May, 2010.

Himself: Doggedly worked on the half bath way past the time he should have had dinner. Took me out to the Corvette Diner for a hamburger. Slept poorly, only six hours. I blame the drugs and staying up late to watch the Padre’s win in the 9th inning.

Herself: I ate that hamburger with a knife and fork. No world vision for me….I keep shrinking. Enjoying my friend Bee expand….new face, new art advisor, and new stuff for her husband too.

A blog you might like: Yum Yum CafĂ© started off as if you were stopping by to have a cup of coffee with her. It’s expanded into to offer more of a world vision than a personal one….tho the personal is still there.

Reading: Nothing. Imagine. There are new books next to my chair, and I will soon be digging in the pile. Today tho I volunteer to sort books at the Discovery shop, and always I look forward to that.

Gratitude: G, the downstairs bath usability at last, feeling a bit better at last.

I hid upstairs.

He worked. I kept hiding up stairs with forays downstairs with my camera in hand.

He kept on working. Nothing is straight in that room….the ceiling drops a very visable 3/4 of an inch. We decided to ignore that. He didn’t ignore the half inch gaps and curves of the walls by the cove moldings.

That really solid but horribly painted corner cupboard looks perfectly Mexican this Cinco de Mayo…(which is now one of those American Amateur Drinking Holidays instead of a small holiday to celebrate the winning of the Mexican army over the French at the battle of Puebla). There’s still details to be added like a towel holder and the toilet paper holder….a Shabby Chic, long ago choice that will be painted black. Mexicans mix all eras together with strong colors, and the results work well. They keep me amused anyway while we save money. Mirrors. Art.

Towels too. A green one perhaps to match G’s vision of the room. Orange. Gold and fuchsia too….they can be found at thrift stores.

Next, we will get the living room back.


  1. He is a genius. He is a bloody genius and with your vision you guys should start a home improvement company.

  2. It's amazing how you bring assorted things together to look so good. Not in 10 lifetimes would I be brave enough to paint a room orange but it looks great when you do it.

  3. I sure wish you were here to advise me on color! I never envisioned that orange--too Halloweeny?--but it came out beautiful. You two are great together. Why not start a decorating business? (just while you wait for the job to start)

    (Sorry I've been elusive. Just can't get up the "get up" in my "get up and go". It'll get back eventually I guess.)

  4. When I was young my bedroom was a bright cheerful delightfully bright orange. I always woke up smiling. The painting looks absolutely fabulous, and here I am smiling again. :)


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