May 14, 2010


There’s never a dull moment with MJ, May 2010.

Himself: Swam, brought me the camera, AAA, estate sale, played with computer stuff.

Herself: Swam, poets group, estate sale, played with AAA stuff. I know maps are passé, but I love maps.

A blog you might like: Linda’s Letters always gives me pause. From moments spent with a gardening son, a pause with Bonzai, to an important essay about her mother’s hands, I always come away not only refreshed but with new vision.

Reading: Miss Read.

Gratitude: Everyone for putting up with me.

There are those moments when you are charmed. Of course, there are poses, but sometimes freedom wins and catches you unaware.

Yes, she’s posing. No, I didn’t suggest this.

Her normal state….moving at light speed.

G and a hug. Unexpectedly. It wouldn’t have hurt him to smile.


  1. Come on G, smile.

    MJ is very cute.

    I suppose the lady in red is Lessa.

  2. He is smiling with his eyes. How are you doing these days? Our internet is out mostly since the beginning of the week. Miss having time to read through my google reader posts lazily.

  3. Looks like a very busy visit.

  4. Unexpected hugs-like unexpected smiles-are the best kind!

  5. That's more a smile than a frown I think.


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