June 24, 2010

Books Overwhelming

Hearst guest house ceilings. They were always telling us to look up, but often the pictures I took were out of focus. Eventually I figured out the trick, and this photograph is in focus. 2010.

Himself: Fixed cutting block, fixed Jello, went to noon meeting, ran a few errands, and went out to dinner with D before getting her new computer to recognize her old XP hard drive and new laptop too.

Herself: Got teeth cleaned…sometimes many years of work pay off. Did books for the cancer society, ran errands, picked up D, dinner by the bay…salad and crème brule, read book and watched Padres while G got all her new electronics working.

Gratitude: G is such a kind guy.

Books, we had books. One lovely lady brought half her mother in law’s romance and mystery books to the store day before yesterday and the other half yesterday. I reminded her that we took more than just these and she could bring in cookbooks too.

There were so many books that Father Joe got some and we had a huge book sale. Four paperbacks for a buck, and two hard bounds for a buck….just get them out of the back room and out the front door. The boss left me directions, Sally made signs, and I put books in every corner everywhere.

No more designer shoes. We have books. No more special prices for special edition hardbound coffee table books. All books are on sale. One pretty good sized store is now wall to wall books.

Today is lunch with the poets day. I was thinking afterwards that I’d go in and see how the sale is going. If the shelves are getting bare, I can easily fill them up again from the mountain of books in the back room.


  1. Oh Wow! I wish I was there. Those prices are unbelievable. We paid $1.50-$2.00 for each used paper back books at the book sale we went to last weekend.

  2. Gracious that sounds like a lot of books. I'm amazed you can work around old books with your breathing issues.

  3. Must be so much fun! I work once a week at the local charity shop and am responsible for the book section. Find that so much more interesting than doing the clothes or knick knack sections (because I don't have any idea of what things costs in those sections).

  4. You have me curious. What was the issue with getting the ceiling photos in focus?

  5. I'd grab my reading glasses and look for a comfy chair!


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