June 18, 2010

Friday Lite

Bananas? The hot stuffed toy at the fair this year. 2010.

Himself: He calls at 11. He did find a queen size set of sheets to match our flannel sheets on eBay, but one bottom sheet would have been 75 bucks with shipping.

Herself: Swim, thrift store where there is a men’s sale today, estate sale, dinner. Two more suits are on their last legs, and I am trying not to buy a “new” suit.

Gratitude: That people donate to thrift stores.


  • Shirts. The Geezer found a Brooks Brother’s dress shirt in a rough-pink at the Thursday Club sale, and only after he got it home and noticed it went with many of his ties, did he see the collar was worn. We haven’t found another in months of looking. This morning, he is checking their web site, and later we may have to go to their real, brick and mortar store.

  • Foggy in the mornings which leads to chilly swims, but later the sun is coming out and the temperature is in the 80’s inland. This is very unlike usual the weather. We don’t call it May Grey and June Gloom for no reason.

  • We heard the crows this morning. Could they just have flown away from the nest? I will have to look up baby crows and see how long they stay in the nest.

  • Weight. He’s lost over ten pounds now. Yes, everyone tells me that men lose it easier than women, but I have weight loss envy. I’ve actually lost six pounds and would be delighted except for Mr. Geezers weight loss on the same food. I can’t eat all the grains he does…..yesterday I tried a slice of zucchini bread with additional grains and other goodies, and boy you could have heard my tummy talking from the moon. Still, I am getting a good dose of soluble fiber so am happy.

  • Salads: I have to tell you that chicken salad I duplicated from the funeral at the LDS First Ward Church is a keeper. So is that old fashioned cottage cheese salad.

  • 1 Can Chicken: The small one, flaked
    1/2 head of Cabbage: shredded or use cold slaw mix
    1/4 Green Pepper: Diced
    2 Green Onions Chopped
    Grated carrot…just for color
    sliced red cabbage, just for color
    Slivered Almonds
    Toss together and add a small amount of mayo as the dressing. Serves 2 generously.

  • Mix together half a container of no fat cottage cheese with four minced radishes and two green onions. You don’t notice that it’s no fat because of the veggies. I bet you could use up excess zucchini in this too.


  1. Got you on the weight loss envy. While I was walking and walking a million hours away in Toronto, my husband forewent his one glass a wine in the evening (and yes, it is really just one glass). Guess who loss weight and who didn't? It reallyreally isn't fair.

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwww.........Yes that isn't fair.

  3. That is an amazing banana picture. Wow! I've got to lose a bit of weight myself. It's the hardest thing for me to do...mainly because I hate to exercise which is a bad thing.


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