June 25, 2010

Friday Lite

Hearst Castle guest house bathroom amenities. I like this sink, but the toilet and tub are very mundane. Maybe they were supposed to spend more time at the sink. 2010.

Himself: Swam, three hours on the EDD site, lunch, games, thrift stores, dinner, TV….speaking of mundane.

Herself: Swam, worked on chapbook and confused myself, lunch with the poets, put books on shelves at the Discovery shop, Amvets, dinner, and reading.

Gratitude: Dorothy Gilman.

  • I finished an old Dorothy Gilman I found in the giant book piles and bags, and boxes at the thrift store only to discover that it was the last of the Mrs. Pollifax mysteries. Wonderfully written. Light. It was just what I needed to keep me company day-before yesterday while G fixed D’s new computers, and just what I needed today to finish off the day. Ms. Gilman will be honored at the Edgars this year, and I am sad that she has let go of her writing for whatever reason.

  • At the Black, a local OB institution of the head shop type founded in the 1960’s, one of the employees had published an anti-homeless sign. I don’t agree with the sentiment, but I sure do approved of the attention this has drawn to the Black. Our downtown needs attention, it’s just a shame it isn’t positive attention.

  • The OB Episcopal Church did a split. Some of the Episcopal church members were forced into exile believing in a more liberal stance on gays and the church. Others renamed themselves Anglicans…excluding gays. The Episcopal members sued the Anglican members to get their building back….and won. The anti-gay folks are out. Lots of little old ladies, not understanding the significance of this split, stayed with the minister to become Anglicans. Now they find themselves homeless and lost. I don’t feel sorry for their lack of foresight and lack of flexibility because of their bigotry.

  • The Thursday Group gathered to read our work at Nate’s today….where the best of Americanized Mexican food can be found in OB. We all used to be a poets group, but today Mary brought a lively cartoon book about three dogs, Kate brought the latest revision of her novel, and I brought the layouts and dummys for my chapbook. Marion B read as did George….and I so hope MB will put her stuff here. I was moved to tears. We are not at all a boring crowd, and the food was good too.

  • G and employment. Like a good person, he doggedly haunts the EDD site finding few jobs to apply for but keeping his un-check coming. One of our neighbors, one with no computer skills, didn’t go to any of the recommended sites and was dropped from unemployment. That’s a frightening thought in today’s economy.

  • Mid-day, the youngest of granddaughters graduates from pre-school. I’m afraid I shall inundate you with pictures later in the day. I’m afraid too that I only remembered this clash of schedules with the cancer society late yesterday afternoon.


  1. The Episcopal church I used to go to split and the homophobic Anglicans went on their way. I'm thinking about going to church again. Trouble is, I don't believe in God. Episcopalians are pretty easy going about what you believe, but I feel a little hypocritical in church. But I like church. It reminds me of my youth.

  2. Thanks for the lovely photos of Hearst castle.

    As a Catholic, I feel your pain as we are ever and always at odds over something.

    I feel G's pain, too, having been through the 'joys' of unemployment.

    I think your writer's group is wonderfully interesting and appreciate your sharing it with me.

    Like you, I really enjoy Dorothy Gilman.

    You really had a great day!!!! I am happy for you!!!

  3. What an interesting and 'chock full of stuff' post. Kind of belies the "Lite" part.
    Are you in a writers group -- is that what you are referring to? I should probably look for one. I think that would help me.

  4. That post on the back of the toilet looks like a perfect place to hang a wig to air dry. Did Marion Davis wear wigs? Finally, any excuse for a group of women together works for me under whatever name--poetry club or more.

  5. Splitting is what churches do best.


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