June 16, 2010

The Golden Gate Bridge

Himself: With slightly juvenile humor, he was through with the test in just six minutes. It was just fine. Games, salad on the bay, meeting. Put up with me. What a guy. Doc on Friday and he can tell her that he’s altered his diet, and is losing weight too.

Herself: Thought about him all night. Worked changing the codes on all the Duck entries. Got only to July 07. Endlessly unreadable now readable in size. Took books, magazines, water, diet coke all with me to the hospital and got 15 pages read. Dinner by the bay, meeting….where I mentioned that thinking was my problem this day.

Gratitude: Just at this moment, life is pretty good.

A 1999 stop on top of Fort Point below the Golden Gate Bridge.

Now many layers of bike paths, running paths, and fences to keep them separate mar the grounds near the bridge.

Only by hiding behind bushes or shooting over the heads of the tourists can a visitor get a clear picture of the bridge.

Photographer in action.

Toll plaza, crowds to see the bridge, individual wires that make up the cables, and the cables wound on the outside also.

We grabbed a few moments in the sun at the bridge, took a huge number of photographs, waited until two huge tour busses moved, then took a few more shots of the bridge from the ocean side. Soon we were heading away from San Francisco down the coast into the fogs of San Diego again sorry we had only two days to enjoy the beauty of this city.


Goldengatebridge.org/: with live feed, virtual tours, and anything else you could want about the bridge

The Virtual Museum of San Francisco: Bridges

InTours San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge History - Wikipedia


  1. I think that bridge is truly remarkable!

  2. Great photos. San Diego is supposed to be a great place to be.

  3. I was there a number of years ago and really didn't think through taking photos. Mine were very boring! RYN I haven't told him yet!


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