June 2, 2010

LA Lunch and Beach Bed

Two WWII British pilots taking a brief break during the blitz. Title: RAF; Media: Graphite; Size: 3 feet x 3 feet; Artist: MGH; Date: 1985.

Himself: Committed himself to a second meeting a week. Ran errands, took G’ette to Dales grave, committed himself to new, no fat, smaller portions, cholesterol lowering eating. Big Changes.

Herself: Called Bee and found out what she is eating. I can’t eat it, speaking of grumpy, but I’m into lots of compromise. Today back in the pool, work with books, and walk.

Gratitude: G, Bee, the helpful folks at Henry’s Market.

After we retreated and returned home to gather our reservations with us, we had a great day. We traveled happily up the coast waving at a grandson who didn’t know we were on the road outside his base, and arrived at Bee and Miles’s home just in time for lunch.

First the coast, then Camp Pendelton. In LA, their town pretends to rurality when in reality it is trying to be France.

Miles, dear Miles, is a carnivore. He had zipped on down to Jerry’s deli and returned with four meats and two high mayo salads. Both lunch and the converstation were delightful. Bee and her visiting friend were both recent graduates from the Kaiser diet school, and they both looked great.

Top: Three pieces of old art. Bottom: Found the Mission Santa Barbara which delighted us.

The hotel was one of those famous historic places that G is always finding….this time run by Hyatt which gave me hope. The food was simply wonderful. The room and furnishings were small and tired. We understand that Hyatt will be closing the hotel for renovations, and I’m sure that by the time it reopens we will no longer be able to afford it no matter the season.

The Santa Barbara Mission buildings were magic, but the expansion of the Spanish presence northward by means of The Catholic Missions angers me terribly. They brought their diseases with them, and as a result whole communities were wiped away.

Soon we were asleep to the gentle roar of the surf.


  1. Welcome home. You were missed! I stopped by Geezer's blog and saw his pictures too. They're all great, but your styles are different and I've begun to pick up on them a little. Those ties of his (awesome!) will make a truly astounding table covering or quilt of some kind one day when he is tired of them! He may have to hide them if I ever visit!

  2. Wonderful photos -- make me yearn for Cali! We, too, wave at people who have no idea we're there!
    Yes, the horrors committed in the name of God and church....

  3. Looks like it was a FULL trip.

  4. Sounds like an interesting day. I know very little about California. We drove though the middle of it returning to Texas from Oregon and I thought we'd never get out of California. I don't think we saw the best parts.

  5. I just loved the whole idea of this trip you took.

    My husband and I used to go to California every chance we got because we enjoyed it so.

    Around every bend in the road was a new adventure or building or bridge or something else to take your breath away.

    So happy you enjoyed yourselves. The picture of the bridge is one of the best I have ever seen.

    Yes, I miss California. Sigh!

  6. Pictures are great, trip sounds like a real success, friends, grandchildren, art, good food. I always prefer old motels. When they get fixed they have an institutional, generic look.

  7. wow! what color everywhere! the art is lovely!


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