June 9, 2010

North to Santa Cruz

Second growth forest near the coast at Santa Cruz. 2010.

Himself: Swam, pictures with hovering, groceries, lunch, dinner, NCIS.

Herself: Swam, froze my Photoshop 5 on slideshow and was reduced to tears only twice, installed Photoshop 6, processed a very short slideshow for tomorrow….now I have to import it to the laptop, groceries, shopped for Resolve Stick which used to be Spray and Wash stick at every store their 1-800 number told us bought it, didn’t find it, (tried Oxy-clean stick but you can’t treat a spot and leave it on as it will ruin the fabric), dinner, made new slideshow, NCIS.

Gratitude: The fact that I have now made 3 slideshows means I have now retained how to make one. Forced learning situations means a new slideshow can be built in an hour. Sometimes one has to laugh at oneself.

Heading north out of Cambria on 101, led us through farms and fields, more rolling hills and second growth trees to charming Santa Cruz where grandson Dan attends college in the unexpectedly, amazing, wide-open fields of UCSC.

This campus once was a farm. Much of the land is still open fields or untouched trees. Yes, that shed is the bus stop cover.

We had planned on riding the tourist train….after carefully reading all schedules that told us that three trains a day still ran. Nope, there was only one, and we missed it by 20 minutes. Back to the coast down the windey road, and we hit a couple of thrift stores before dinner with Dan.

Not only is Dan brilliant, he uses his brilliance….in this case asking his friends about restaurants that are fit to take parents. Then to top it off, he managed to explain what he is taking so I actually understood it all.

I will be taking a hiatus for a few days as dinners out, friends, work, and class take over. Real life intrudes on my blogging….isn’t that funny. I’ll be back probably Saturday but gone Sunday when three of us are manning or womaning, the AA booth at the County Fair for three hours, trekking through the fair, and working a late meeting.


  1. Wow, he sure looks like his grandma. What a pleasure grandkids can be!

  2. Good looking grandson. Have fun over the next few days. Will look forward to your return.

  3. You deserve a break. See you on the weekend hopefully.

  4. Nice to spend time with your brilliant grandson!
    Have fun at the fair and enjoy your hiatus.


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