June 14, 2010

Oh So Fair

All the flowers in all the displays were beautiful, but for some reason the dahlias always draw me to their fanciful beauty. 2010.

Himself: Boiling water for Jello right now. After three, he is limited to clear foodstuffs and liquids till dinner tomorrow. Poor guy, he doesn’t do well if his food routines get upset. See his blog for more fair photos.

Herself: If he is his usual bearish self when hungry, I am tempted to spend the night in a motel. Trying for a movie today….if he can stand it, and spending a quiet day not walking today.

Gratitude: The fair was delightful. Not grateful for the newest baby crow….he sounds like a squeaky wheel in need of oil every two hours. Very grateful for Lessa. Her courage buoys me up.

G found the second parking place in the lot, there was a gate open just for vendors, and we were able to get our table set up and open our AA information booth before the fair started. Not that many people showed up, but that was ok too. We chatted with other folks, G gathered up the swag, and the relief crew showed up right on time.

We were over to the right in the infield. Imagine the horses thundering arround this curve across the finish line in front of the clubhouse. To the left is the dirt track here partially covered with interlocking plastic bits. The main stage is toward the top.

G bought car wax for both Lessa and us, and he also bought a new product that says it will remove yellow from plastic lenses on cars and trucks. We be yellow here. I bought a ring from my usual silver lady.

The midway with its color and noise drew us.

The woodworking show was marvelous, the jewelry show was superb, the quilts weren’t as stunning as usual tho there were a few that knocked me out through their plastic covering, the place settings were perfection….of all things, the collections and cakes were delightful, but the photo show was the best. No photos allowed there tho….darn it.

We ate too much…oh, a perfect hamburger for me, fudge, crème puff, burrito, oh the joy of high fat and high fattening foods. And while we ate, we photographed the bungee jumpers, only one refusing when he got to the top, all the other’s playfully leaping to their flights.

A good but tiring day was had by all but for our cohort who had to stay home with bronchitis. We made our both our commitments to the fair and at the meeting…he to set up sound and I to do the trash, and we gave a poor stranded gentleman a ride home to the island out in the middle of our bay. Who am I to suggest to a newcomer that he not come to the meeting if he doesn’t have a ride. After walking up that several mile long hill to hear a really good speaker talk, he deserved a ride home.

So did we.


  1. Wow, sounds like quite a day, and a very colorful day. Good for your for giving the man a ride. I like people who do those kinds of good deeds. I also like people who will volunteer to carry out the trash. We'd be in a real mess in the world without those people.

  2. You said you set up a stand... did you sell anything?

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day. So glad most of these things still sell comfort foods like hamburgers and good fudge!

  4. great colors . . . and i love the shot of the woman just launching out with the bungee attached.


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