June 15, 2010

The Presidio

Imagine being stationed here in San Francisco’s Presidio…or see here for more military history. I don’t know exactly what they used this house for in the beginning, senior enlisted or lower ranked officer housing, but it leases for a high sum these days. 2010.

Himself: Slept in, did photos and blog, and then did little but play games. Took stuff for test and was up and down all night. Test at 3.

Herself: Processed Fair images, posted blog, went back to the Ducky time and found the blogs unreadable. Started changing font sizes from Jan 07 and still working on it. Size 1 is not a readable font size.

Gratitude: Reading the Duck posts again. He was the best example of how to age with dignity that I have ever seen.

Both G and I were charmed by the idea of living at the Presidio, and being stationed at this beautiful place. Yes, fogs, but yes too some of the most beautiful scenery in the world right next to an equally beautiful city. This would have been one of the best bases in the army to be stationed. Today it is a very popular but expensive place to live. When it was first opened to lease, the old nurses quarters were $700.00 a month per room. Imagine these many years later how much the spaces go for.

We understand military bases, and we were charmed.

I did my training in brick buildings like these, and I lived in one of these at Fort Benjamin Harrison….now a historic district. Hot in the summer and cold in the winter. There wasn’t a wool blanket known, both above and below me that would get me warm. Why I remember these old brick buildings with fondness, I do not know.

Look at that….officers housing, a duplex, and it has a breakfast room.

And right across the street……

Whadda view!


  1. That across the street view is what makes it so expensive! You can't buy that view except with money.

  2. A billion dollar view! Visited there a few years ago and as gorgeous as the picture is, it doesn't even come close, does it?

  3. Would it ever come into consideration? Looks like a perfect place to relocate to. Suppose it depends upon whether G. gets a new job.

    Thanks for good wishes for our son. We are sooooo happy. Funny doing this sort of thing so late in life. Our daughter has another 4 years of high school!! Who would have known that late bloomers would be dealing with this.

  4. I don't think I knew you were in the military? Or did I misread that line?


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