June 26, 2010

A Promotion

Lessa and MJ yesterday, 2010.

Himself: Swam, drove to North County, muffin, ceremony, cake, lunch at Mickey D’s, Amvets, chicken by the bay, and play time.

Herself: Swam, et al. I confess to a donut and a Big Mac. We went off our diets with a flourish. At least I found a really nice swim suit at Amvets. Today another G’daughter graduates, this time from High School. We don’t know her as well, but we are very proud of her.

Gratitude: The program for working in our lives.

There she was. I had forgotten how tiny five year olds are, but she stood up there in front of everyone and welcomed us all to her graduation. I think it way over the top that kids graduate into kindergarten now, but I am pleased that this program was available to Lessa at no cost as an extension of Saint Elizabeth’s.


  1. Awesome!!!!!!!! What cuties you both were!!!!

  2. OOPs!!!!! I goofed!!! What darlings you have. My brain is not in place today.

  3. Wow...real caps and gowns! So special for the children and their adults. Over the top maybe, but can we really ever be over the top with the message that we value education? May this be the first of many cap and gown occasions for this lovely youngster!

  4. I love the little graduation outfits. May there be many more graduations as they grow.

  5. Seems so strange to have graduation before high school. Yet, someone told me that there is also proms for grade school and middle school in the States. Good for your grand-daughter and daughter. Hope she does well at school.


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