June 22, 2010

A Sameness

A bedroom in the Hearst Castle guest house Casa del Mar….the first Hearst Family residence on the hill, 2010.

Himself: “It was a good day”….tho he forgot some things, he had a good noon meeting, good food, and he is still losing weight.

Herself: An Alanon meeting…which was just what I needed. Errands and things like that in the afternoon. More Zucchini for dinner: Browned then baked, placed over quinoa pasta, topped with sphagetti sauce, and served with a tossed green salad. Working on the Ducky recoding, and putting together a dummy for the chapbook. Best of all, Lessa got that summer job…watch out for that golfcart zipping by.

Gratitude: Feeling really good tho still slow, puffy, and a bit cranky walking.

There was a brief moment that I was bored with my days. The sameness, the repetitiveness of my days froze me in place for a moment, then I remembered that things were about to change. Instead of seeing the world from my self-centered focus, I’m cherishing these last weeks in G’s company.

We have always gotten along well. We work well together, we talk well, we travel well, get share our worlds well….until I get cranky, and I will really miss his day to day company when he goes back to work. It’s been a good year together, and I am finally beginning to believe, after he has had two more phone calls with the owner of this company, that he will have this new job.

Instead of being bored with the sameness of my days, I’m really enjoying these last days with my much thinner Geezer.


  1. There is a blessing, a comfort, in the sameness, isn't there?

  2. Change is always scary and always growth and alway inevitable. That is one ugly bedroom.

  3. I feel your pain. Right now I am on the verge of change and yeah, I'm scared but then I'm the queen of second-guessing. Hope all goes well for G and you!!!!!

  4. I'm looking forward to the new changes that will be coming soon in your life.

    G is looking good. I know you are proud of him.

    My company left today and frankly, I'm thrilled at the thought of a little sameness.

  5. I happen to be looking for a bedroom set right now but I must say... this is a little over the top. :-)

  6. What an ornate four poster! A great place to hang a wig overnight. (I'm not crazy, that's just how my brain works when I see such conspicuous consumption--hope I spelled those right.)


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