June 30, 2010

A Very Busy Car Guy

G driving a Model T earlier this year.

Himself: Swam, Job hunted on the EDD site, talked with folks, and

Herself: Swam, worked on chapbook, did books at store, worked harder on chapbook, dinner, and kept on reading in the Mrs. Polifax series. Just delightful stuff.

Gratitude: On hold. Crossing all my fingers and toes.

Today is the last day that the non-competition/non-disclosure agreement will be in effect. One board member from the interested company called G but they couldn’t talk yesterday. They can talk tomorrow and have a phone appointment mid day.

So, just by chance of course, he has scheduled a most busy day today.

We swim, and while I go do my Wednesday turn at the Discovery shop, the Geezer will be at Frye’s helping a friend by a new computer. Lunch in PB with another friend, and then we meet here sometime mid afternoon. By five we will be downtown picking up Dot and taking her to dinner at Brian’s before returning to Frye’s and buying her a new camera that will go with her new computer.

And he’s been happily and cheerfully doing the research for these purchases for days and days. Goodness has nothing to do with this at all.


  1. I'm sending my very best hopes and wishes your way.

  2. Crossing my fingers and toes and eyes!

  3. Wow! You really do have a BUSY day. Good luck to himself... we're all keeping our fingers crossed for him. Those old cars are just fantastic. Loved the photos.

  4. Crossing fingers for tomorrow! Please let us know right away.

  5. Fingers crossed on the job front!

  6. ooo-that just HAS to mean good things!!! Can't wait to hear. Take care.

  7. Good luck, G. We are all pulling for you....


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