July 28, 2010

3: Battle

The Society for Creative Anachronism at work at Comic Con, 2010.

Yesterday and Today

Himself: Swam, job hunted, applied for jobs, posted his blog….with great pictures, and it was a good day.

Herself: Worrying about Tehachap up north as over 40 homes burned there yesterday, Started quilt, made appointments, and decided that I liked Tuesdays when the only thing on the agenda is swimming.

Quiltatropic: Is similar to Phototropic. You gotta have a sense of humor when you can’t sew a straight seam.

Gratitude: That I washed all those fabrics months ago.

Today is book day at the Discovery Shop. Today is also the first day I have regretted volunteering for this job. There’s only so much time in the world, and I have begun a new quilt while still playing with the Comic Con images, swimming for my health, reading for my sanity, and walking a bit here or there. No one said I was sane especially when you add a movie. We added “Salt” at matinee Senior pricing yesterday.

Tomorrow, not only do I swim, but after lunch we have a meeting with my financial man. He moved north, he vanished into north county, and he changed management companies all virtually assuring me, if not all of his customers, that there would be a distinct lack of communication. The core problem seems to be that he can’t say a thing to me without reporting it to those he works with. Big brotheritis. The last company insisted he sell his customers specific stocks. All brokerages push for this. This one is just as bad in its own way, and I will again say something about how I feel about this.

After swimming and the poetry group.

I guess I will pick up the house today after the store.

This is the original, un=Photoshopped version of this photograph. I cropped it for drama…the building does nothing to add to the story, and I took out a few modern details.


  1. Your photos are very nice. I like to read why you do things. I crop, but if someone asked me why, I would have to just say I like it better that way. At least you have intellectual reasons!

  2. We changed several years ago to a firm that does not feature their own stocks and bonds. We like it much better that way!

    So interesting to have such an overt battle in a CA city!! I guess gangs just aren't what they used to be. :)

  3. I love your photos and how many things you accomplish in a day!

  4. Good job with Photoshop. Makes the photos much more interesting. I really like that fight scene.


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