July 29, 2010

4. ...and Battle There!

A thumpingly good exercise by the Society for Creative Anachronism, Comic Con, 2010.

Himself: Swam, looked for work, washed the sofa, took my computer in and fielded calls, dinner at Corvette Diner approved of by “Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives.”

Herself: Ditto plus worked books at the Cancer Society. Nothing on the quilt. Picked up the house.

Gratitude: That G washed the sofa cover.

  • Two errors. Found. By Marion. One poem published twice under two different names. Not only is this appallingly embarrassing, it’s just flat out appalling. Yes, I proofed this self published chapbook, and yes, I will check through the saved information later today after my workout. All I can do is hit myself upside the head and shoulders. And I checked, and checked, and checked again…..Sheeeesh…thunk.

  • My computer is in the shop. No, I didn’t back up all of July’s blog entries, and all but the last two Photoshopped images are saved. It won’t do upgrades. It came with Service Pack One and no operating system on the backup CD. The Geezer has been struggling with it for over a month only recently discovering that this early Vista has defects of Character. “Oh, such a wonderful computer,” the Windows Store tell G, then they argue that it won’t upgrade because of Avast….which lets out other computers update just fine. Free repair said one sales person….so far free has come to $49.00 bucks and defensive excuses making their Operating System errors my fault. I shudda known better.

  • My OD friend Tehachap lives in Tehachapi where there is a giant forest fire burning. After seeing and hearing nothing from her all day, I broke down and called. (Did I ever tell you that I hate using the phone?) She’s fine. The fire is on the far side of town and moving out into unoccupied areas away from her beautiful new house. In fact she sounded surprised to hear from me. “I’ve heard from more family and friends today,” she told me. Communication is the key, and I strongly suggested she post something online for those of us who haven’t seen her smiling visage in the paper of TV news.

  • My money man is stopping by this afternoon. What do I want to discuss with him? Communication. Who can discuss the failing economy? Not me. My money? Speaking of failing and falling. Alternatives? Right now the markets offer few. So the house is tidy….except the mountains of fabric taking over the far corner of the living room, and perhaps he can explain to me how we can communicate better within the constraints of his Operating System.

The original photo shows the line of fighters waiting their turn, but I thought the immediate fighters were of more dramatic interest. Clearing up the sky was a good move...who wants a sharp, stainless sculpture point coming out of your head. I did not take out the wheelchair, but I did remove the yellow cords and many of the extra fighters. Sharpened, dodged, and cropped, Comic Con, 2010.


  1. I like the potted palms! Makes it so much more fun!

  2. I explained to a PAST financial advisor that although I knew my portfolio was measly compared to others, when he failed to communicate with me, I pictured him on a beach in the Caymans sipping mai tais.

  3. About that chapbook error, it simply isn't possible to successfully edit your own book, at least from my own experience I can say that. There's even one recipe in my cookbook for a cake (or muffin or something) that didn't list any flour! You read and read and read until you can't see it any longer.

  4. Oh, and talk about great minds thinking alike, I also HATE telephoning people. If you ever figure out what's behind this, let me know.

  5. Good to hear your friend is fine. The news of the fires have travelled over to my neck of the woods. Hope your financial advisor isn't doing what KathyA suspects.

  6. Commiserations. No-one is perfect and making the odd mistake just proves how human we are. Don't beat yourself up.


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