July 7, 2010


Out of focus cover illustration for the chapbook, 1979.

Yesterday and Today

Himself: Swam Job hunted, went to EDD office only to find computers down. Ran errands with me, helped cook dinner, played computer games.

Herself: Woke coughing at 4. Swam, again went through chapbook unifying the type styles. Have a size problem with some of the longer poems to get them on one page. Visions Quilt Gallery where everyone ooh’d and ahhhed over the quilt. They agreed with D but suggested I display it out of the light. To Ross….senior day and got underwear, home to mend, dinner, and Gilman book.

Gratitude: Despite ennui, I got everything I wanted done.

Sheets need to come to the top of the bed then turn down over the blankets about four to five inches. Don’t you think so?

I refuse to scoot to the bottom of the bed just to get enough sheet and blanket to cover my shoulders. For years, we have been solving this problem twofold by purchasing king sized top sheets then adding a half a sheet to the bottom for length. Yes, they are very long, cumbersome things, but they cover all of both of us luxuriously.

With the purchase of this queen sized bed, we were reduced to the one set that came with it. The Geezer found another set at not Ross but Amvets Thrift store weeks ago, a nice rich, dark purple set of queen sized sheets at four dollars each sheet. No pillow cases. Queen sized means they exactly fit the bed but not the bed with the two queen sized us’s in it.

It was an easy fix yesterday for that eight dollar set of sheets, just zip on a bit of old sheet at the bottom and poof it now generously fits the bed.
We are still laughing about the $26.00 set of pillow
cases he found to match at Target.


  1. Hmmmmm . . . bet you have one of those extra thick mattresses like I do. I like it but it does create coverage problems and I think you have found a solution.
    $26 for pillow cases? Too rich for my blood!!!!

  2. I have added a foam topper to our mattress and that adds 2 to 3 inches that make it hard to use our queen sheets. We are such greedy buggers...all should go back to double beds and smaller sheets.

  3. Love your chapbook cover, by the way. I marked all your chapbook creation links, but have not attempted anything that way...maybe someday.

  4. You two are such hoots. Never thought of such an idea. Love it.

  5. Ingenious!
    And I agree that the sheet needs to come up and then fold neatly over the blanket!

  6. I just got some sheets at Target as well, and am surprised at the prices. But I had to have something on the bed for guests! I agree as well that there has to be sheet/blanket at the top to go over the shoulders, and I am covered with something no matter how hot. My husband is one who sleeps with his arms outside the sheets, and will sleep on top of the sheets when it is hot. There should be a compatability test about this before you start sharing the bed!!!


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