July 5, 2010

A Garrison Sized Flag

Above: The garrison sized flag hung from the side of the dry dock at the sub base. Compare the size of the flag with the man on top in the operations cab. Below: A garrison sized flag flying off the stern of the Star of India, 2006.

Yesterday and Today

Himself: Put up with me. Dismantled, glued, and took my sewing table downstairs. Helped me move a chair. Played computer games.

Herself: Overcrowded upstairs got to me so moved rocker and sewing table to the living room plus all the sewing stuff. Grandma’s chair upstairs is moldy. Not good. Now living room is jammed. Rearranged living room. Almost ready to start on the next project….the Blue Quilt, but need to print the Chapbook and begin submitting out in the world before I begin.

Gratitude: No problem with traffic last night, and we got home in time to watch the New York fireworks….splendid and dramatic stuff that.

So there we are. Upstairs is nice and airy, and downstairs looks jammed. That’s ok. I just hope that the Geezer can put up with fabrics scattered here and there when I start work on the Blue Quilt. The ironing board won’t be out full time until the cutting is done.

There’s still room for a Christmas tree….what more can one ask.

A garrison sized flag designed after the one that flew at Fort McHenry flying in a stiff breeze. When they take it down, you can see how large a garrison sized flag really is.


Star Spangled Banner Preservation Project at the Smithsonian

The Great Garrison Flag at Fort McHenry

Flag Flying Days

Flag’s Bay: American Flag Dimensions. Check the notes.

USA Flag sizes


  1. I loved how it seems as though the people visiting go to help out with the taking down of the flag-it seems too large for the workers so they all just go over to help out-maybe everyone has the same feeling as I did, wanting to keep it off of the ground as we were taught when I was a girl scout.

  2. Hi Mage,

    I know you and G are interested in all things nautical,so I am sending you this announcement concerning the donation of a local businessman who is interested in refurbishing and repurposing the great liner The United States.

    Posted on Thu, Jul. 1, 2010

    Lenfest gives millions to save SS United States
    By Jeff Gammage


    Philadelphia philanthropist H.F. "Gerry" Lenfest will donate up to $5.8 million to help save the SS United States, the storied ocean liner that's to be celebrated at a riverfront ceremony tonight, officials said.

    The funds will be used to buy the ship from its owner, Norwegian Cruise Line, a subsidiary of Genting Hong Kong, and to maintain the vessel in its current South Philadelphia berth for up to 20 months. During that time, redevelopment and refurbishment plans will be completed.

    The news was announced by the Washington-based SS United States Conservancy, which has worked for years to promote the ship and prevent its destruction. The group called Lenfest's donation "a major development in the effort to save the legendary American ocean liner."

    The group wants to turn the ship into a historic attraction, permanently set on the waterfront of a major city.

  3. Dear Nancy.......thank you so much for this news. Bravo to him, and thank you for the information. I much appreciate it.

  4. Wow! Is that the mother of all flags, or what!
    PS My husband was stationed at Fort McHenry when he was doing his 'active reserves' with the Navy. I have shots of the flag there when we were cruising out of Baltimore to Bermuda. You just gave me an idea for a post!


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