July 9, 2010

A July Friday Lite

I show this shot as proof there once was sunshine here in Our Town.
Drizzle and chill winds again this morning so I will wear layers out into the world.

  • I did manage to concoct a poem while swimming and recreate it at home later. The swimmers and I thought it funny, unfortunately the poets took it seriously and did not laugh. At least I did not go sans poem into that good fight yesterday.

  • Today’s going to be a busy one for me. Swim, write, work at the Cancer Society, get my hair cut, stop in at a local estate sale….there might be a cook book or two worth having. Yesterday I found a James Beard tribute cook book put out by the James Beard Foundation. It’s a fascinating compendium of memories and recipes, which leaves me to ask myself what memorable thing I have done since the eighties.

  • The Geezer is going to an Employment Development Department, EDD, orientation Monday at 9. Nothing like @$%* )(*&R%% (*^#$#$%^&^ )_(*&5)(*&^*99 to spur himself into immediate action.

  • The Weekend: “Who’s covering the museum for you,” I asked G this morning. For tomorrow, usually his work day at the museum, is the Automotive Museum Volunteer Potluck. We enjoyed it last year, and we will have fun this year too. What are we bringing? He wants to bring the same salad this year as we brought last year….Avocado and Grapefruit, that 1950’s stalwart. There wasn’t a bite left to bring home so it was successful. Sunday we have nothing on the agenda at all but our usual evening meeting. We can do that even if I now have to get dressed up now that I’m no longer taking the trash out.


  1. Sounds like some activity is in the works so that's good.

    Unfortunately reading your posts are sometimes like reading code for me since I have no idea what the letters stand for. I have not a clue what an EDD orientation is nor why it would provoke such a reaction from you.

  2. That James Beard cookbook sounds really good. I like memoir style cookbooks. I'll have to check it out myself.

  3. Love the allusion to Dylan Thomas!

    The avocado grapefruit salad sounds god and refreshing. Care to share???

    Did you ever make Beard's Cuban bread? It's very good.

    And EDD is???

  4. Sharing, sharing:

    The salad: Avocado Grapefruit salad is equal parts of both in the grapefruit juice. Personally, I like more avocado than grapefruit, but G likes it the other way. I buy either canned grapefruit or grapefruit segments in glass. This salad can sit out and not need chilling.

    My youngest says: "De'javu! I was thinking of this salad the other day. Planted the seed in your G-daughters head, she came back with a very odd face, like those don't go together. She will, I know, love it as I have for the rest of her life. Have a great day! YELD2"

    EDD: The California Unemployment Department. I can't remember why they changed to EDD, but they did. G gets free job coaching there from the state as well as resume tricks and a whole slew of classes free because he is unemployed. By himself, he applied for hundreds of jobs this year of unemployment, and now, after the fiasco of waiting for that other company, he is using everything offered by the government.

    Not made his bread as my wrists are kaput. But I got to thinking the other day that I can start it and G can kneed. :)

    Thank youse guys.

  5. Answer again: EDD is the "Employment Development Department." No wonder I couldn't figure it out. No wonder you couldn't either.

  6. Hey!!!! Take your poems where you find them!!! Salad sounds good!!!!

    I get the willies about anything to do with employment after the ordeal I went through with Ohio's job services. G has my profound empathy. And yeah, they made me cuss -- a lot!

  7. I love it that you composed a poem while swimming and then remembered it enough to write it down! That alone is worth a standing ovation!!!

    I think there have been many memorable things that you have done, and I can say that because you are sharing them with me here!

    Hope all is well, and that someone calls back sooner rather than later to chat "job" with G.


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