July 8, 2010


Have a little sun damage with that life, 2010.

Yesterday and Today

Himself: Swam, plugged in to the Un-stuff, visited me at work, dinner with friend, played with her computers, and twice fed the kitties across the path.

Herself: Swam, priced and sorted books, read, out to dinner at DZ Akins, read, bed. So simple.

Gratitude: Slept really soundly last night.

I’ve not been getting the things I need to do done. No poetry. Little writing here, and no research on any project. No project. The type style differences in the chapbook keep haunting me, but I haven’t changed them. Life keeps creeping up on me and creativity’s been left behind.

Oh, there was a sharp, jarring, 5.4 earthquake while we were eating dinner last night. We just kept eating. G’s old company and my old company both made the newspaper. G stopped in to visit me at work, and no one recognized him with his weight loss, work clothes, and trimmed head hair. I saw two pictures of me with wall to wall wrinkles, sun damage, and reality. Our age difference now shows clearly on our faces, and as I lose more weight the textures will grow more visible.

I’m the one who used to say that fat ladies look better with a tan.

One never sees the truth until it’s an inch from your nose. Sometimes when it gets closer, it’s frightening.


  1. Oh, I can so identify with your situation. Just this morning I was taking stock of how my skin is handling my weight loss. That's why I don't want to lose a drastic amount even though according to all the weight charts I should. I don't want to look like bones in a burlap sack.

  2. We heard about the eartquake. That sounded really scary, and you kept on eating? Wow! I guess you all must have gotten used to the earth shaking.

  3. Well, at least we still have skin. My hands get more mottled each day. I don't feel as old as I look and I guess that is the important part of this journey.

  4. YES! My mind's eye and reality are quite a ways away from one another!

    Did your crowd mix baby oil and iodine and slather themselves like we did? If we'd only known...

    PS The ship was NCL's Majesty. It's since been sold. NCL now has no ships that will fit into Baltimore's harbor. A real shame, I think.

  5. By the way, forgot to add that I am inspired by your bravery in posting a full in your face photo like this! You are true solid soul!!!

  6. you are really awesome! I feel the same way, but where i try to hide and do not look at photos of me, you are so right on open and honest, and you GLOW and radiate, fearlessly. I'm inspired. Really. no fear. seems like how you live life, earthquakes and all!

  7. But you still have hair to get cut. My wrinkles have settled in too. Guess we'll just have to give in and let our daughters represent our beauty now. "There but for 35 and 40 years go I."

  8. Dear Heart, you look beautiful to me. A wonderful life well and truly lived shines out from your face.

  9. Some days the realities are harsh, and then there are days when they are more gentle. For those days when they are harsh, we have to learn to be gentle to ourselves. And, on those days when realities are gentle we have to be thankful.

    Keep fingers crossed, please, I sent out a job application for a really exciting job position that has my name stamped to it and I'm hoping the people there see this.


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