July 4, 2010

Red, White, and Blue

This red, white, and blue star balloon was one of several in a 2004 holiday parade I took with an early digital camera. Below: The Geezer standing next to his mother and father’s grave at Fort Rosecrans on the point, 2008.

Yesterday and Today

Happy 4th to you all!!

Himself: Estate sale, museum, dinner, grocery shopping, computer games….truly a day off.

Herself: Did “all of the above” plus worked on the chapbook. Found three really good cookbooks. Don’t know if “
“Amy’s Vegetarian Lasagna” works with my allergies as I was up all night with ugly nightmares.

Gratitude: That most of the big donation of books is done and the boss moved the books out of the spotlight and off sale.

The flags are flying, patriotic music sounds from every corner, and the beaches are all marked off for the dedicated fireworks watchers.

Instead of arriving before dawn to get our place to party on the beach just blocks from the house, we plot a way to get from our house to Mount Soledad through the millions lining the way, the blocked streets, closed byways, BBQ’s, flotopias, drunks, and partiers of all stripes. We have a commitment at the AA meeting on top of the mountain where at least five thousand more will be watching all the fireworks though out the city from this spot high in the sky. Imagine the parking crush.

This morning the Geezer plots paths through the worst of it with variations like: “We could take Morena.” Morena Boulevard lies a distance away from our house on the far side of the 5 freeway. It used to be Highway 101 near the swamps and marshes of Mission Bay. If we leave at 4:30pm, will we be able to arrive by 7:30….the witching hour? We take someone with us. Will she be OK leaving that early?

Gee, maybe I should take a flashlight and a book.


  1. Gosh! We don't have any 4th of July plans. We're figuring on just hunkering down while the neighbors blast fireworks all around us and we hope nobody gets hurt. I wish we could go to the parade. Sigh, maybe next year. I live vicariously through you.

  2. Both hubby and I are sick or just recuperating. Last year we took the boat out in the dark night and watched fireworks from there. That was the first time I had done that. I wish we had gotten closer, but we didn't have the experience to judge distance. I have a lung congestion that keep me up a good part of the night and hubby seems to be finally getting over the fever and aches! Some 4th!

  3. What a great shot of the three star-shaped balloons. Hope you had a good 4th. :)

  4. Hope you made it to the meeting without too much stress.
    I would think watching all the fireworks from the top of that mountain would be wonderful.


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