July 30, 2010


The banner for my quilting blog, 2010.

Himself: Swam, looked for work, interviewed and was in the final seven, applied for jobs, talked with Doug, dinner, fought with Microsoft for the second day, won, 3 cubes of chocolate for desert and games before “Project Runway.”

Herself: Swam, checked out errors and off to a shortened lunch with the poets. I took my errors and shared as an example of failed proofing. Survived meeting with my money man and moved the money around some. He agreed that the incoming stuff be set aside for emergencies not invested.

quilt.o.tripic: I ended up resurrecting my old photo blog with a new name as I couldn’t get the features I wanted in the new blogger templates. I was still struggling with the banner at bedtime.

Gratitude: G! I am beholden to that man.

Mind you, this is the cheapie, student-computer G bought for himself. Now it is my computer and won’t update no matter what G does.

First they told him it would be a free repair, an easy fix to upload service packs 2 and 3. As they dug into the computer, the price rose to 49.00 then later to 99.00. Amazing that free stuff. THEN, of course it wasn’t their fault, and they wanted to remove our Avast. Fine with us. Not Avast after all….only during dinner preparation this evening did they admit there was an error in their Operating System (OS). Imagine. But they still wanted to charge us to backup the computer, and install a complete OS.

To go to windows 7, it would be $220.00.

You would have been proud of the Geezer. He plead original installation. He plead can’t return it to where we got it….no warrantee on software. Defective when he got it. Unemployed. Got a mortgage. Many grandchildren. Bills to pay. Oh the endless stream of obstructionism….yes, he was good.

I sat downstairs and plugged my ears, hummed, and read while he argued.

He’d pay the $220.00 if it were my fault or his fault, if he had done something wrong to the computer to cause this….he wouldn’t have been happy, but he would have paid.

They argued time as money, they argued but it really did them no good as their initial installation of Vista came with an error. Finally Microsoft and the Geezer reached a compromise. Microsoft would back up the computer and install Windows 7 for $99.00.

G will create a backup disc and reinstall Avast as soon as the computer is home again.


  1. Don't you just love arguing with computer guys? G did a great job. Get that man another chocolate square!

  2. Yay for G!!!!!!!!!! I'm pretty good at yelling at computer guys, too. My ex hubby was a tech support guy for a major corporation and taught me the answer to the important question:

    How can you tell a computer guy is lying?

    Answer: His lips are moving.

    And I've used Avast for 10 years --I like it because it's simple to use and not intrusive -- two things that a non-techie like me loves. I actually paid for a certain popular anti-virus a few years ago and wound up uninstalling it because it drove me nuts!!!!

    Heck! I didn't know you had another blog! I went and looked at it and you really are an artist -- I love quilts so I'm adding it to my blogroll.

  3. G is a mensch!
    Also, Did Truman really do that?? He was a little before my time...


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