July 18, 2010

A Small Contentment

A small contentment is stopping by the Flagstaff Traders at the SD County Fair, 2010. I always hope to find some magic piece of silver within my budget.

Yesterday and Today

Himself: Estate sale, worked at the museum, and ate with the feasters.

Herself: The estate sale house was tired. Silverfish among the books. I found a whole set of daily, unused, embroidered dish towels for two bucks. Laundry. Read. Ate out.

Today: We head north to Lessa’s where we have a token to give her for her six years clean and sober. A miracle indeed.

Gratitude: Dana Stabenow’s ability to catch Alaska in words.

There are those moments of satisfaction when one ends up smiling despite what’s going on. Yesterday I did laundry. For some obscure reason, laundry is not one of my more favorite things to do. Allergies to the detergent or the perfume in the detergent probably, but yesterday, while he worked at the museum, I did laundry.

After the first load of laundry, I finally woke up and took into account my extremist lazy tendencies. Instead of running up and down two flights of stairs, I abandoned my computer and took a new-to-me Dana Stabenow - Kate Shugak mystery down one flight to the living room. Setting up iced tea, water, cracking the door so there is a little air flow, I’d read a bit then launder a bit.

One flight of stairs up and down no longer leaves me breathless. We have lift off.

After the visit the other day of grandson Dan and his mom Lee, I saw the living room in a new light. Now I’ve been making an effort to simplify that vastly overcrowded living space. Empty surfaces, read, and launder. Do it again. Then still later, we went out to dinner with the Feaster Friends and home to up and down trips to the bathroom all night. Dinner didn’t quite make it though the laundry got done. The book not only got done but left me breathless with excitement and contentment.


  1. A good and positive attitude! Keep it up.

  2. Glad the exercise is improving your aerobic state. I love places that sell stone jewelry. Don't have much, but like to look.

  3. Wish I could come to that county fair. The beads look great. And I love Stabenow, also.

  4. Sounds to me like you've had an excellent day. We can all take a page from you and get moving.

  5. Funny -- I love doing laundry -- don't know why -- maybe it's the immediate change from dirty to clean? And the dirtier, initially, to me -- the better.
    Glad it was only the book making you breathless!
    I was putting off going to the gym today -- but am now heading out in a few minutes. :)
    I love silver earrings!

  6. Interesting posts on the link to Stabenow--about how nutty Americans are regarding soft porn (read S-E-X) in books yet totally willing to accept gratuitous or other violent killing. I may have to look into those a little further--but only for the sex! :)

  7. There is something alluring about silver and turquoise.
    You have the right idea Maggie: ork a bit, rest a bit and frequent treats. Can't beat it.


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