July 1, 2010

Staying in the Moment - Not

G in the one excellent Cambria restaurant we found, 2010.

Himself: Got Neil a great computer, but all the camera’s seemed to just confuse Dot. We bought nothing suggesting she walk over to Target. Today: Swim, interview, out to dinner and a car show. The agreement ends today.

Herself: Swim, drive G’anna to poets group, make dinner, out to a friend’s house for dinner and a car show.

Gratitude: Friends.

My life is on hold today. I wait. I bet he waits too, but I haven’t asked him. We both are moving through our day outwardly as if there wasn’t the earth shaking going on under us. We are endeavoring to stay in the moment.

We swim, and I put on real clothing…vs the slobby stuff I wear every day. I make social contact with G’anna, a truly important quiet poet who rides with me on poetry group days. Later I’ll explain in some coherent way how my brain halted often as I struggled to get the dummy then the galley together. Those long pauses to pull a word or phrase from the depth of my mind offering sometimes long minutes of silence and prompts have truly frustrated me these last weeks.

I’ll stick the galley in my backpack and bring it along as proof I’ve been working.

On days like this, all we can hold onto is proof.

I told G to smile while he talked with the board member today. For there
are more young boss voices coming out of the ether, out of the phone, with no
face to place with their youthful tenors, and we want them to hire him.

Our lives are on hold today.

Then not after another interview this time with the head of sales.

"We will let you know in three to four weeks," does not constitute the job offer we have been waiting for for two months. Ah well. Perhaps he could drive a tow truck.


  1. Hold on, Maggie. I'm not certain what we're waiting for, but I can almost touch the tentative air, and can understand busying oneself with the mundane. Sometimes it's the best we can do. Sending positive vibes...
    Cambria, CA?

  2. He has such a sweet face. I'd hire that face. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed, Maggie.

  3. I am thinking and hoping for you and G...Fingers crossed and candle lighted...

  4. If this thing doesn't come through for you, well, I, I, I . . . I spit on them! I'd hold my breath if it would help, meanwhile my fingers and toes are crossed.


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