July 15, 2010

Thursday Moments

”We glimpse the real world in the instant we choose not to be afraid.” Quote: Openmind.org. OD front page photo. My photohost isn’t working this morning.

Yesterday and Today

Himself: Swam, job hunt, movie, not hungry for dinner but ate at 7.

Herself: Swam, wrote, worked and bought only one book, movie, was a lump with a new poem, dinner micro-lite, bed.

Gratitude: Grateful for slower donations at the shop, and grateful for fun after work.

  • Saw the “Wizards Apprentice,” and tho long and in need of tighter editing, it was a fun show. We will buy it and view it again. Dot finished her court case and came with us.

  • Ate M&M’s with no sense of guilt….tho I should. More no-moments of guilt will weigh on me.

  • I think I am ready to send that chap book out into the world….or at least the poetry group. We will see what they say this morning.

  • Heading North for Lessa’s birthday celebration Sunday. I’ll stop by the shop and pick up all the Anne McCaffrey’s that came in yesterday for her today. Almost all the Pern books….her favorite. She wants them, and it will be a good present for her 6th birthday.

  • Sunshine at last. Imagine. Warm and happy golden rays at the beach, and inland in the hundreds. It’s time to break out the thinner weight clothes. G has an appointment downtown this morning, then he has another appointment in 112 degree F Poway. He gets the car….it is air conditioned. I’m taking the truck….which my regular ride, Georgie, can’t climb into. No air conditioning in Grumpy. We found a ride for Poet Georgeie, and I will just drive fast and keep the air moving.


  1. Hot and humid here. Not as bad as last week, though. Only in the 90s.
    I've been on an M & M kick lately, too. Usually go for the M & M peanuts, but these just seem really good to me right now. And guilt isn't in my vocabulary!!

  2. Oh, good luck launching the Chap Book! It's hard to let go of something you have worked so long and hard on, but the Book is a grown-up now and has to go out into the world.

  3. Last approvals, and now last adjustments and edits. Sometime next week I will move on to the next big project and send the chapbook to the printer.

  4. Love that photo. Good luck finishing up and letting go of your big project. It may feel good to go on to a new one now.
    Love, love M&Ms they don't do good things for me, though.

  5. I'll put down Sorcerers Apprentice for my Netflix. Thanks for the recommendation.


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