July 17, 2010

We know what they are doing.....

Not a busy day by the bay at all. 2010.

Yesterday and Today

Himself: Swam, job hunted, ran to get tokens, put handle on chopping block, picked up me, Made it home in time for Dan and his Mom Lee to stop by and borrow the refrigerator dolly. Dinner, meeting, and home to catch G nodding over the TV.

Herself: Ditto….but I got to work at the store.

Today in Our Town: Hillcrest hosts Pride. Balboa Park hosts Stand Down. G get’s to figure out how to get to work at the museum through both. Wednesday Comic Con begins while they debate about staying in San Diego.

Gratitude: To see Dan and his mom.

Never would I have thought of just sitting by the bay and watching the world go by as fun. Of course I have a book. There is no traveling anywhere without a book. And a drink. A cold coke or a cold bottle of water usually sit near me. And it’s fun.

All those dog walkers. All the little boats. There are so few big boats now that it’s an occasion when one sees something bigger than a hundred feet. Lots of birds. If the fishing boats are catching fish, there’s always more than enough birds now that the brown pelicans have recovered from the DDT that destroyed their egg shells.

This day the ARTEMIS LEADER rounded the turn and headed out to sea only to find itself with an absent minded sail boat right in front of the bow. The horn blew and blew. Only with a jerk, it seemed, did the sailor on the tiny white boat wake and realize that something big was bearing down on him. He did an about face but it seemed forever before the ARTEMIS stopped blowing its horn.

Behind the ARTEMIS is a strange looking coastal ship of some sort tied up at the Cruise Ship Terminal….no more cruise ships based here because of the drug wars in Mexico. Even when we drove downtown and by the coaster, we couldn’t quite figure out what it was used for. Unusual shaped containers filled the deck. There was one genuine cigar boat this day rumbling it’s way to the sea. Go-fasts indeed. Lots of tiny fishing boats…. mom’s and pop’s out for a day of fun on the bay. To the left of the ARTEMIS is the STAR, and to the right is Ruth’s Chris’s Steak House….where we have eaten twice and I’d rather have all that money to spend at a thrift store.

As the ARTEMIS passes us silently, behind it is North Island….Naval Air Base, Naval Air Station….I’ve forgotten. The old, round hangers remind us of the days when blimps lived on the island, and the tall, grey airplane tail reminds us why they still keep and use the island space today. Lately, 24 hours a day, giant aircraft take off and land with unmuffled roars. In the night air the take off roars seem extra loud when the daily living sounds are quieted. No one complains not even those on the two nearest sail boats…whose owners are home this evening. We know what the aircraft are doing.


  1. Boy that Ruth Criss gets around, huh? There was one in Las Vegas there's one here and now I see there's one in SD. And the prices! Hubby is vegetarian though, so we don't get to those kinds of places. I'm lucky to get a hamburger once a month.r

  2. Interesting day at the harbor. I like the photos because they really give a feel for the size. Whenever I read about cigar boats I think of drug running.

  3. Thanks for letting me sit by you and watch the boats go by. It's always nice to relax once in a while.

  4. Maggie, What a perfect way to spend the day! I always have a book with me, too. That little guy in the way of the Artemis probably had to change his pants!!!
    No more cruise ships because of the drug wars??? Why?
    I love SD!
    Our friends have moved to Liberty Station.

  5. Love the day by the water. I would do it quite often if I lived in your area. Just to sit and read-and people/boat watch-what a treat!

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