August 1, 2010

Almost Sunshine

Shots from a walk by the bay. Home sweet home three times. 2010.

Yesterday and Today

Himself: The museum was quiet, the evening was filled with computer stuff….he’s having a ball. Today he’s trying to get both Linux and XP on his old computer. Lunch, more computer stuff, dinner out, meeting.

Herself: Yesterday: Putzed, lunch, walk in gradually emerging sunshine at last in the worst sunless spring since 1933, read and quilted before getting my computer. Today: Got the quilt blog updated at Sunrise using old pictures already on Snapfish. Then I began my journey of discovery reinstalling programs and "stuff" like the printer. Lunch, more computer stuff, dinner out, meeting. Tomorrow: A no blog Monday.

Gratitude: G….one can never say as usual.

My hand is being held. I certainly need handholding as I recreate my computer. Somehow, despite the Geezers continual kindness, the previously written entry has already vanished once. The Photoshop has been taken off and reinstalled….reinvented in its blackness that I cannot see to use, and now the Adobe Reader needs updating so I can post images.

I’m damned if I lose an entry again.
Yes, there was something seriously wrong with the previous operating system, (OS), for not only were there burps and farts, did I say that, it did things like copy single a photos many times instead of copying multiple photos one at a time. It would never get beyond service pack one…..Microsoft is up to 3 now. And think about all the errors I never did officially discover.

This morning, while still being grumpy that they updated the Windows 7 rather than doing a clean install, the computer is working smoothly. I’m not…but it is. You can hear him now in the background as my mind goes blank…..

“Right click in the blue space….right click, right click, click on yes, click on yes…..”


  1. No.... The Other Right!


    Muchas Smuchas
    Yer G

  2. Sorry about the computer woes.. never fun.

    I love the colourful collection of kayaks and gulls. Lovely shot.

  3. Computer problems suck royally.

    Love the photos -- Pirates?
    Destroyers are soooo formidable. That is a destroyer, isn't it?

  4. Computer woes will drive one to drink!! I think that is the only thing left in the world that I will let get under my skin...

  5. Stiff upper lip... the computer problems will pass. It is time to be a stalwart Brit or a detached Zen master.

  6. Awwwwwwwwww . . . I really hate that stuff when it happens so my heart goes out to you!!!!

    Love the photos -- as always!!!!

  7. Alwaysinthebackrow said:
    I have to post via anonymous, but it is me. I love the photo of the sail ship. I don't know what it would be called-schooner? The computer problems sound beyond belief. I have never thought such things could go wrong! I hope you are able to be up and at 'em full force soon.

  8. Your photos are ace.
    My computer is pretty old and i do my posts on a wing and a prayer but - better the devil you know;)


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