August 3, 2010

Crabby Old Lady

A quiet moment by the bay. 2010.

Yesterday and Today

Himself: Sunday: Played with computers all day. Thai dinner with friends, meeting. Monday: Swim, blood tests to see if diet and exercise are working on the cholesterol, computers, looking for jobs and applying for jobs, lunch, dinner, meeting, more computer stuff, TV. He finally has the network complete, recognizing all the computers, and only one computer’s mail box as the main mail box.

Herself: The quilt blog. Sunday: Quilt, read, cut, read, eat in and out, Thai for dinner, meeting, TV…for the “Next Food Network Star” AND “Undercover Boss.” You can tell how shallow our brains really are. Monday: Talk with Bee, swim, write, quilt, lunch, oh, such repetitions…quilt read, dinner. Tuesday no swimming. We are off to North County to help Lessa with her SUV….then who knows what else.

Gratitude: Each time I go to that speakers meeting, I learn something new.

Retirement doesn’t mean I should just sit on my rear and luxuriate in my latest Dana Stabenow from the library. I’d rather, you know. I actually sat here or there or here again most of the weekend, and come bed time last night I couldn’t get comfortable.

I was a total crabby old lady most of the evening too. Shame on me. The new trash lady asked me to take the trash out at the meeting as she was out celebrating her birthday. Her backup didn’t show up either. I didn’t do that bit of service work/volunteer work with any great class or dignity at all. Shame on me.

No excuses. Nope.

What did I learn from this week’s meeting? Dignity matters. To keep my mouth shut, my chin up, a smile pasted on my face, and just do it.

That’s what the speaker said too.


  1. Such good words from the speaker but oh so hard to do.

  2. Sometimes we just need to be crabby. No shame at all!

  3. Good words and hard to live by. My volunteering at the library involved lots of bending and stooping and sitting on the floor to get at the small children's books re-shelved on the lowest shelves. The two librarians were taking a break sitting and chatting behind the circulation desk for about 20 minutes of that time, but I realized that I was the one volunteering and did not judge. It was hard...but I didn't.

  4. Oh, Crabby is a normal cycle of moods, which lets us appreciate feeling better eventually.
    Give yourself a break. You're normal.
    You sound as though retirement is agreeing with you!

    alwaysinthebackrow-still can't comment on blogger with google or open id.

  5. Ahhh...Maggie, I agree with everybody. Sometimes, it's OK to forgive ourselves for being crabby. The main thing is recognizing it and going from there to a more peaceful place. I'm wishing you a happier day!

  6. I reserve the right to be crabby anytime I feel the need. You have that right too! (Tell people I gave it to you.)


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