August 18, 2010

Drivin' Miss Maggie

Stepping on out.….2003. With a very tired and beleaguered G.

Yesterday and Today

Himself: Swam, read worksheets, familiarized himself with the clients needs, had a good morning on the computer. Lunch, books, putter, feel better at last after dinner.

Herself: …and the infrequently written in quilt blog too: Swam with a replacement teacher who kept the class in shallow water. I floated away into the deeps. Errands, cutting out blues, a simple dinner that made us both feel well.

Gratitude: For SoCalFrank’s salad.

Driving was my sanity saver. It gave me the only bit of freedom I ever had. Ever as a teen I drove around the bay, over the bay on the ferry, and home via Pacific Coast Highway as an escape from my parents. Several times I’ve been reduced to the bus, and frankly there have been times when I haven’t taken to the bus at all graciously. Not being able to drive at night reduced me to ranting.

When my mother in law began driving off the freeways always the long way, I didn’t understand. When my mother gave in and sold her car to someone, I couldn’t understand that either. Perhaps I could only see their lives through my selfish viewpoint.

This last year, The Geezer has done most of the driving. I’ve just ridden along, tagged along…I of the “freedom of the road” became a ride along wife. Map reader yes, and he would take it away and verify where we were going. Ride along, yes, but he would stock the car, he would be in charge. Oh, I would take Georgianna to the Poet’s Group, and occasionally I would run to the store. No great escapes for me.

Starting yesterday, I was in charge of my own destiny again, and it wasn’t pretty. I drove through Monday’s errands with some sense of accomplishment. Pick up this, then pick it up again after the bank card quit working and I went up to get another…that sort of morning. Today was different; it was off to get a mammogram. I could have stayed home, but I risked it all. Map printed, water in car, insurance card in hand and no deodorant on, I was ready.

I got lost.

I felt the fool.

Was I going to give up? Not on your sweet life, not me. Part of the problem was that I couldn’t see the numbers, and the other part was that‘d forgotten to write the suite number down on the map. I was the fool….just a bit. Eventually I found the right spot and was whipped right in to be gently smashed. Getting home was no problem tho the freeway seemed to be doing 80 to my 70mph.

I can see the end approaching, but I’m not going gently into this busy night without a car….not quite yet.


  1. Oh, sorry to hear you got lost. Well, you managed in the end. Good for you.

  2. I have told my husband that I no longer really get lost...I just keep driving in concentric circles until I see something I recognize.

  3. Maggie, You did NOT get lost -- just momentarily side-tracked -- without deodorant. DO NOT go gently, Maggie.

  4. Nothing would make me happier than to give up my car keys BUT so far I haven't found a place to live where I can manage without a car. I don't like cars or driving.

  5. I'm so jealous of your courage and driving ability. I haven't been able to venture very far yet and Art likes being in car control, too.

  6. I now hate driving but circumstances - in the next few weeks - will propel me to driving. Wish me luck.


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