August 13, 2010

A Failed Slideshow *EDIT*

Above: Modern comics in true book form like miles of shelves at Comic Con. Below: Just one row from the acres of comics in bins at Comic Con, 2010.

Yesterday and Today

Himself: Spent the morning trying to make a CD from a Power Point slide show. Visit to an estate sale and Amvets before dinner with friends in La Mesa. A birthday party and walk through an old car display. Depressed because of an old friends illness. ***EDIT! The training manager contacted the Geezer, and he really does start on Monday!!!!***

Herself: …and the quilt blog too: Made a Power Point Slide Show and couldn’t turn it into a CD or DVD. Visit to an estate sale and Amvets before dinner with friends in La Mesa. A birthday party and walk through an old car display. Depressed because one old friend’s illness.

My Babylonian Captivity: Do stop in and read Tugster's newest blog. For Tugster was captured in Iran when Iraq invaded, and this is the story of that time.

I had hoped to take a slide show of my best photography from Comic Con to the Poetry Group. I made it, It works well on my computer. It transfers to a thumb drive, but nothing G or I could do would make it transfer to a CD or DVD that would show on a TV.

The ladies are still talking about how wonderful Matties show of desert wildflowers is….how peaceful, so perhaps my color, slam, dunk, images…cropped even tighter for impact, wouldn’t be the right poetic statement. Then again, I’m a pow, zap, bang kind of girl. We will try again with a different software later today.

Books today. My right hand is poooorly again. I’ve taken to wearing my brace again full time as a ward against the pain, but generous donators have filled the back room with mountainous piles of books. I’m the volunteer who sorts them and lifts them onto the shelves. Watch me find new ways of doing this as I put them out on sale. Hard bounds 2 for a buck, and paperbacks are 4 for a dollar.


  1. I had the same slide show problem when I returned from Japan two years ago. I finally just connected the computer to the TV and used iPhoto. I'm sure there's another way to do it, but can't think of it now. Part of the problem is controlling the show after you burn the disk.

  2. Sorry about the hand, that's the pits for a busy girls like you.

    So happy about Geezer's new job.

  3. The slide show has to be able to be read by a DVD player...rather than just a PC. It has to be formatted for that. Various formats such as Mpeg, AVI, and Real Media may not work. I have never done this but I know it is possible if you can save it for DVD. (I am big help!)

  4. I'd help you with the books if I lived out there.

  5. Sorry, to hear about the slideshow and your hand. Is it problems due to using a mouse too much. Mine is completely shot. Just ordered a new one, which will hopefully help the matter.

  6. I brought my grandson to your blog to see the pictures of Comic Con. All he wants for Christmas is a trip to Comic Con next year!!! I told him a friend of mine lived nearby and he was ready to take a trip to see you!

    So sorry about your hand. So very glad about the books! Sending you healing thoughts.

    We have been able to hook the computer up to the TV, and use the TV like an external monitor - is the computer a laptop?

    Thinking of you, hope the job is fantastic and working out well. It is hard to start anew, so I am proud of G.


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